True Patriots

So Trump got rid of the Patriot Act, thank goodness. (He promised to veto it after the Dems in Congress tried to renew and expand it).

How fast will Biden bring it back, you think? Within a month from inauguration? Within two?

Isn’t it just great to go back to business as usual?

5 thoughts on “True Patriots”

  1. I thought it was just some of its provisions that they had let expire?

    What I’m not holding my breath about is Biden abolishing ICE, which he should.


      1. So what is this about the patriot act? I thought parts of it were finally allowed to expire back in the spring, but the rest of it was in force, and some new way was found to enable warrantless searches, but then I didn’t hear anything more about it, after spring. What has happened?


      2. Also – I somehow doubt the Trump camp cares about working conditions in agriculture/similar. And – DHS is another of the agencies created in the post 9-11 reorganization, and that’s got to go, I’ll start being truly interested in Biden if it does


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