Waking Up

Our obese and corrupt governor sent every resident a hysterical text message yesterday, ordering us to stop going to work or anywhere else and stay inside.

The local* restaurants, gyms, salons, bars, and stores are all open and filled with happy customers.

A group of students wrote to say they are spending the break in Florida.

People are finally waking up.

* Meaning, not the chains. The chains are doing something weird, placing four-wall tents outside and pretending that sitting inside outside us healthier than sitting inside inside. I’m guessing our governor has invested into a tentmaking company.

14 thoughts on “Waking Up”

    1. The average 7 day death rate due to COVID is at 1500, and latest report is nearly 2000 with an upward trajectory. We may very well hit a worse number than during the first wave. That should definitely scare any politician who’s going to have to start making very tough decisions soon.


      1. Sounds like he is shifting blame onto the public by giving them advice that he knows wont make a difference. Then when it goes bad, he will claim to have warned people and so absolve himself of responsibility.

        Same happened in Melbourne Australia, where the politician in charge of everything, whose actions led to an outbreak, told everyone to stay home when it was too late then expressed how disappointed he was that people didn’t take his advice seriously enough. Really cynical stuff.


        1. Yeah, it’s too late now. We’ve reached 200k daily confirmed cases of the virus; it’s everywhere and completely out of control. I also think this second wave is going to be worse. The first one was very limited in scope around big cities with big hospitals and large infrastructure. This current wave is much more geographically spread out, and it’s going to hit small cities and rural areas very hard.
          To give an example, El Paso TX had to call in the national guard to help with the overflow of dead bodies:


          1. @ed: I agree, and think that the death rate will become alarmingly high as it all unfolds. At a rate of 200k confirmed per day plus another several times that undetected, it seems likely that the number of infected people will spike and overwhelm at least some towns & cities by, at the latest, mid December. A sign to look for will be patients being flown to adjacent states, the way patients in Belgium were being flown into Germany a month or so ago.

            Thanks for the link btw 🙂


      2. “We may very well hit a worse number than during the first wave.”

        And your point is?

        Even if true, it would change nothing about the fact that now, as last spring, COVID deaths and serious illnesses overwhelmingly occur among the very elderly who have other very serious underlying medical conditions.

        The sky is no more falling in now than it was at the beginning of the pandemic but this hasn’t stopped the public health Henny Penny morons from continuing to stoke irrational panic while the voices of calm and reason are censored and silenced by powerful self-interested elites. And, if deaths do hit “a worse number” it’s only because the public health morons are fixated now, as they were last spring, on locking down the healthy while writing off the vulnerable.

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        1. Another problem is that seasonal flu is now counted as COVID. The CDC announced that back in the summer. This is done on purpose to scare the anxiety sufferers and make them support endless lockdowns.


        2. From what I understand, the main way people die of the initial lung disease is via over excitation of the immune system resulting in what seems like a bradykinin mediated blood vessel dysfunction.

          If that is true, it is likely that persons infected a second time will become sicker, faster, because the immunity acquired during the first infection should make the immune system even more excitable, which would produce an even more aggressive auto immune response.

          It would also mean that younger people who were able to withstand the first infection might not be able to withstand the more severe second infection, and so succumb in greater number.

          So, I think that the situation is worse than many people realise. Not only should the death rate go up, but young people should die in greater proportion as well.


          1. “If that is true, it is likely that… I think that the situation is worse than many people realise”

            What a great load of codswallop.

            Thanks so much for the medical update, Dr. Henny Penny.


            1. @GSW: May I ask if you have some kind of training, qualification, or relevant body of knowledge as relating to the issue?


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