Another Chapter of the Patriot Act

Masks are bad not only because they are uncomfortable and useless. They are bad because they are the first step in our training routine. We are being trained like circus animals to accept stupid mandates that inconvenience us and don’t exist for the rulers who mandate them.

The next step are mandatory vaccines. But it won’t be the last one.

I have the Patriot Act on my mind a lot because what we are experiencing is identical. People who are in absolutely no danger are running around bug-eyed, ready to relinquish every civil right to assuage their irrational fear.

We have been losing our civil rights since year 2001. Pretexts vary but the trend remains. The ruling oligarchy says “boo!” and we relinquish every right.

We are pathetic.

2 thoughts on “Another Chapter of the Patriot Act”

  1. On a normal year I’d agree. When you give up freedom it becomes very difficult to get it back. However, a pandemic is one of those rare cases where you have to make exceptions. I just don’t see how to control a pandemic through libertarian policies; even libertarians agree there are limits to personal freedom.


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