Movie Release

There’s now a movie based on The Hillbilly Elegy! And our corrupt governor has closed down the movie theaters again. I’ll have to go out of state to see it.

14 thoughts on “Movie Release”

  1. It’s on Netflix in 2 days, so you can watch it at home.

    Unless, of course, you feel honor bound to drive to St. Louis and eat movie theater popcorn. [That’s how they make their money: concessions.]


    1. “That’s how they make their money: concessions”

      I worked for a short period in a movie theater concession stand…. don’t buy popcorn just after the movie theater opens and never buy a Nestle Crunch bar….


  2. In the mean time, Springfield MO main hospitals are full due to COVID patients and will likely be forced to start rationing health access to even non-COVID patients. But I guess being able to go to the movies in person instead of watching at home on Netflix is more important.

    “On Friday, Springfield’s two main hospital systems, Mercy and CoxHealth, issued a stark warning to the public: they’re full, due to a wave of COVID-19 patients, and that’s starting to impact non-COVID patients, too.”
    “On Friday, Brown joined the chorus of local government and health care leaders to implore the public to change their behavior by wearing masks, keeping distance and staying home when possible.”

    Rural areas will be hit hard, don’t be complacent. Big cities have big hospitals, rural areas do not.


    1. They are always full this time of year. This is completely normal and never freaked anybody out.

      God, people are easy to manipulate. Zero interest in finding out what the occupancy was last year or the year before compared to now. It’s all rumours and anecdotes but nobody is capable of noticing that.


    2. Rural areas don’t get hit as hard, because the population isn’t all living on top of each other, which slows the spread of illness. The advice I have seen, from people in Ohio, was: if you have to go to the hospital, get out of the big city. A smaller hospital won’t be so crowded.”


      1. Whoever said that to you is wrong. According to the article I posted earlier:
        “Many of the COVID patients in Springfield hospitals reside in rural counties outside of the Springfield area.”

        Most rural hospitals do not have the capacity to handle COVID cases.


  3. She could, of course, go to one of the fancy theaters where they try to induce you to eat meals and drink cocktails in total darkness, save for the move projector. I do not recommend. The food is mediocre in good lighting and does not improve in mostly total darkness. But it definitely helps them! :-p


  4. Unfortunately, our favorite theatre is closed for good here (along with a significant percentage of businesses we tried to continue giving our business after the nonsense started, but it takes a village and most of the village is either cowering in panic or completely broke).

    It was a fantastic theatre! My husband and I are both movie buffs, so we probably saw 15-20 movies a year there. Despite being open for 15 years, the seats were always in excellent condition because they regularly upgraded them, the floors were not sticky because they regularly deep-cleaned, and they actually had a “you’re welcome to bring your own food and drink” policy. They continually installed the latest, cutting edge sound and projection equipment. We were devastated when we learned they were closed for good.


    1. That’s a bummer! Our local theater is hanging on by a thread these days. We used to have three: two big 11-screen megaplex types, and the ancient mall theater with three screens that showed movies that were released two months ago, for $3. The mall theater was always our favorite. The last hurricane, two years ago, took out the two big ones. The mall theater keeps plugging along, and has made good on the promise of free popcorn with every ticket, until a competing theater opens up in town. Even with no competition, and no lockdown, people have been frightened away, and they may not make it 😦


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