No, You Can’t

Nothing means you can safely socialize. Only your rulers are allowed to have normal lives, hang out with friends, travel, and educate their kids. You, on the other hand, are a walking disease. Eew, go away, you nasty prole, you stink.

Are we ever going to get fed up? Even the sheep-like Spaniards have protested. Germans are rising up. Are we ever going to catch on or will we keep obediently hiding from the oligarchy’s view on command?

33 thoughts on “No, You Can’t”

    1. Do I really have to explain the difference between anecdotes and science? These are all stories. Like “Masha and the Three Bears.” We don’t confuse this fairytale with a scholarly study on the behavior of bears, would we?


      1. “Masha and the Three Bears”

        I just realized…… (and checked it in wikipedia) Goldilocks and the Three Bears in Russian must be… Маша и три медведя …. so that’s where the name for the cartoon Masha and Bear came from…. wow…. I never made that connection before.


      2. Respectfully, I don’t really believe anything that is written in newspaper articles about this virus. There have been too many lies and manipulations for too long. Going back to solid boring pre-COVID science (when science was still mostly science) a working vaccine usually takes about a year and a half to develop, which means that we’re probably past half way, and will probably celebrate the Christmas of 2021 like we used to back in the good old days.

        Btw it’s very cute that Russian Goldilocks is called Masha 🙂


        1. “Russian Goldilocks is called Masha”

          Now I’m trying to work out the grammar of “Маша и три медведя” the last word doesn’t look like a plural at all it looks like a singular genitive, something like “Masha and three of-bear” weird…

          It’s my understanding that the story is very old (the first intruder into the bear’s den was a fox, then it became an old woman and then a young girl and somewhere along the line the bear(s) turned into a family…. But the Goldilocks version is British so the Russian version is probably just a retelling of that.


      1. Respectfully, all silliness aside and madness hub/NY times articles aside, there are significant problems with test results. False positives and false negatives are very common. So, the best policy is to err on the side of caution and stay away from people until something that can be relied on, like a therapeutic product that works, becomes available.

        Based on usual development times, we’re talking about another 9 or so months of waiting/being frustrated/listening to Clarissas pleas.


          1. Yes, I agree entirely. People should be able to do that.

            Also, in addition to all of those people being free to lock themselves up, since there is a pandemic going on with a deadly virus sickening and killing people, everyone should also take measures to protect themselves and others from possible infection by staying home, staying away form others, and using other protective measures like masks of the correct grade.

            Btw is the Goldilocks/Masha story the same in all respects other than the name, or did the story change too?


            1. everyone should also take measures to protect themselves and others from possible infection by staying home, staying away form [sic] others, and using other protective measures…”

              You’re not the boss of me, dude.

              By all means, please get under the bedcovers and lock yourself away in your hidey-hole if that turns your crank but leave the rest of us to enjoy living our lives. No need whatsoever to pretend that we’re all living through the first season of The Walking Dead, we’re just not.

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              1. @GSW: I used the word ‘should’ rather than ‘must’ for a reason.

                By the way, I’ve noticed that you really don’t like the things that I write. May I ask – did I bother or insult you in some way or something like that?


              2. “I used the word ‘should’ rather than ‘must’ for a reason”

                ‘Should’ or ‘must’, the intent here is exactly the same – and you’re still not the boss of me.

                I’ll leave you free to lock yourself away from normal social life in your own personal hidey-hole, you leave me free to object in no uncertain terms to your meddling Henny Penny nanny-statism.


              3. Well, no. The words ‘should’ and ‘must’ are similar, but the word ‘should’ is used to express advice, recommendations, commentary etc while the word ‘must’ is much stronger and used to express what a person has no choice about or is compelled to do. I knew exactly what my intent was when I chose the word ‘should’, and it was not to compel you to do anything.

                I don’t know who you’ve confused me for but I can assure you that I don’t have any power to boss you around. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that we’re on different continents.


              1. They’re useful to indicate trends or make comparisons within the same dataset, of course.

                Also, they’re not ‘so inaccurate’. They’re just not perfect.


              2. To explain, you could say that there are many many many people getting a test. Of those many many many people, a small proportion get either a false positive or a false negative. A small proportion of ‘many many many’ is ‘many’. So, it is common for a false result to occur, since many people get such a result – but by no means is it the rule.


    2. “Give it another 9 or so months…”

      In another 9 or so months, you and the public health morons who have been stoking unnecessary panic for many months now will be saying – “oh give it another 6 months, we’re ‘nearly there’.”

      Remember when it was only going to be three weeks of lockdown to “flatten the curve” so that hospitals wouldn’t be overrun? And then public health miserably, tragically failed to protect the vulnerable in nursing homes? They’re unctuous twits whose witless idea of public health is to lock down the healthy.

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      1. I said “give it another 9 months” as a prediction, not an order or command.

        Look I don’t know if you realise this, but the ones writing policy don’t care at all what anyone thinks. They’re making decisions mostly based on appearances and a desire to stay employed, or because of how they have been lobbied or paid to make decisions, rather than because of anything to do with health.

        When I make statements about the issue, I’m not trying to persuade or convince anyone. Why would I. For a start, its rude, and second, it’s pointless since the people making decisions aren’t here. None of us here really have any power to affect any of this, beyond controlling what we ourselves do and that’s it.

        That being said, since I have a degree in one of the main health professions, I give an informed opinion based on the assumption that the people on pages like this are smart enough to know that it’s just an opinion for the sake of having a chat, rather than bossing anyone around, browbeating them, or arguing.

        Anyway like I said, expect this to go on for another 9 months or so, preferably without getting upset, for the reason that no one in charge really cares if you get upset. So, it doesn’t make sense to suffer more by being upset about things that you can’t change.

        In the meantime, expect that most of what you see or read about the issue is either trying to persuade/manipulate you, or that will polarise everyone even more.


    3. ” it’ll be over. Nearly there”

      In the part of the world Clarissa is from “just a little more time and it’ll be fine!” is the same as saying “it’s never going to get any better, just get used to it and stop whining!”


      1. I didn’t know that. But since Clarissa is in the US, wouldn’t it be rude to treat her as if she were still in Eastern Europe? It just doesn’t seem right imo.


        1. “wouldn’t it be rude to treat her as if she were still in Eastern Europe”

          Depends. People’s socialization and upbringing doesn’t change just because they’ve crossed a border… (something I wish that a single West government understood). The good and bad are always there….
          And in the US (IME) “just a little more time and it’ll be fine!” is shorthand for “We don’t know what’s happening or how to fix it, hold on a while while we try to figure it out”. Which only works in a high-trust society which the US used to be and is no more.

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            1. “months of lockdowns”

              Somehow “give us a couple of weeks to get the hospitals ready for a massive influx” became “stay home just a little bit longer (meaning months and months) so we can stop this thing!” Again, only the gullible or excessively fearful are going to swallow that…


              1. I’m terrified by the recent pronouncements about how the goal is to eradicate this virus completely. Why did nobody ever stop all normal activities to eradicate AIDS, cardiovascular disease, flu, common cold, cancer, opioid addiction, etc?


  1. You can’t socialize with a negative COVID test, but you can’t access necessary healthcare without it. Which is discrimination and illegal and apparently nobody cares about that.

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  2. If masks don’t work, when will our doctors, nurses, and health care experts learn this? When will we not have to wear masks to see our doctor or go to a hospital? Are our doctors stupid?


    1. “Are our doctors stupid?”

      Indeed. Completely convincing argument. Ice hockey goalies wear masks too and they also wouldn’t wear them if they didn’t work, right?


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