On Our Way…

It’s really great to be at the airport again!

3 thoughts on “On Our Way…”

  1. ” at the airport again!”

    Sounds great…. but… so empty… unless it’s 2 o’clock in the morning (and sometimes even then) an airport should be so empty…
    The Schwabs of the world hate the fact that you can travel for your own pleasure and are grimly determined to end it. To hell with them and their scrunched up ugly little souls…


  2. Have a safe trip! I am curious if your flights were full. Oddly enough, we were flying yesterday as well and it was a combination of one almost completely full domestic flight and one more than half-empty overseas flight. The airports are eerily empty, the lack of people is disturbing. On the bright side, everything goes very smoothly.

    Also, despite the reports to the contrary, it is possible to travel even internationally and we had no issues at the borders. We are in “home- quarantine” right now and will have to have a PCR test before coming out. From what I see many of the measures are sort-of voluntary (not really voluntary but the enforcement is not easy unless people self-report). We are following everything since we want to spend time with my elderly parents and don’t want to take any chances with their health.


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