Weird Dish

One dish I could never understand is chicken and waffles. It even looks sad. Boring, monochromatic, dry, with nothing fresh in it at all. How do people eat something like this? I don’t even understand how to get it down without the whole thing sticking in my gullet.

6 thoughts on “Weird Dish”

  1. I totally agree!! I was in Detroit for work and someone tried to convince me, but I also thought it was terribly monochromatic, weird and dry. Plus, it was like half a chicken! I didn’t try it. And I’ve tried weird things, like ants, or more specifically, ants’ asses LOL! that a colleague brought back from Colombia. They are crunchy and have a bit of a spicey and chorizo or something similar flavor. Still, I didn’t repeat.
    Although the worst thing I have eaten in the US is a sweet potato casserole, made with sugar of course, and marshmellows! I thought I was going to turn diabetic on the spot. It was a terribly goey texture, overly sweet and with a weird flavor due to the marshmellow…shudder…


  2. “never understand is chicken and waffles”

    I never heard of that combination until sometime after 2005 or so…. maybe it’s had a revival of popularity or something? Maybe after the Kate Winslett version of Mildred Pierce? (you absolutely should watch that

    I don’t get it either. I could almost imagine (since my taste for US food tends toward the southern) if the waffles had syrup – the contrast of savory crispy fried chicken with a bit of maple syrup…. I’m game! but most of the representations show dry waffles….

    “sweet potato casserole”

    I love sweet potatoes but that dish is too much for me, even if it has pecans (and it should have pecans) it’s a Thanksgiving side dish in some places but it’s sweeter than most desserts I’ve had…


    1. Pecans with sweet potatoes? Who does that?

      Sweet potatoes are good enough with just butter and salt. I’m familiar with the marshmallows-on-top monstrosity. I don’t get that either.

      The last few years, I make pumpkin custard for dessert at thanksgiving. Everyone likes it, and nobody volunteers to bring pie.


      1. “Pecans with sweet potatoes? Who does that?”

        People who know what’s what. That’s who! (sorry for the defensive tone – the sweet potato casserole I know has marshmallows and pecans – not a favorite but I get it).

        My favorite sweet potatoes are either simply boiled or baked or…. (my uncanny invention) sliced and fried with Cuban mojo sauce….


  3. I’ve heard of bacon and waffles and bacon-infused waffles, which are both delicious. But not chicken and waffles. It seems like if it was prepared right it could be okay, but otherwise sounds pretty bland.


  4. Chicken shawarma, chicken souvlaki, General Tao’s chicken – all yes, (and all delicious)!

    Chicken and waffles?? Doesn’t that break several actual culinary laws? Should it be eaten with a mask fully on and regulation two metres from its serving plate?

    Just say no!

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