Same Old Loser

Biden is appointing Yellen?? The same dumb broad who mishandled the economy so badly during Obama? What, there’s a shortage of useless idiots all of a sudden that he’s got to find that old used up one?

You folks who voted for this guy, with all due respect. . . OK, whatever.

Vacation Day 1

People are asking when I’ll finally write a review of Clive James’s book. The way things are shaping up, I’ll probably never finish it. He keeps mentioning books that I urgently need to read, so I start reading everything he recommends, and it’s like swimming in am ocean of boundless intellectual enjoyment.

For instance, I spent the first two days of my vacation (the actual trip yesterday and the first day at the resort today) with Nirad Chaudhuri’s The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian. I have a Minor in the English-language literature of India but I never heard of its best writer because he’s kind of non-PC. A really, really excellent writer.

Talking about the vacation, it’s heavenly, even though I stepped on a live wasp with the obvious result. Even that was enjoyable because I felt extremely happy that the little evildoer stung me and not my kid.

I definitely entertained a bunch of vacationers by standing in the middle of the beach and wailing, “Oh, thank God, thank God, oh, this is good, but it hurts so bad” while Klara enjoined me not to be such a drama queen.

Oh, and I also finally bought some chocolate hummus. I have no interest but N and Klara say it’s divine.

Heart Florida

Virus is going to virus, and Florida is going to Florida. A tiny 12 oz box of tiny tomatoes is $6. Of course, they taste phenomenal and smell delicious all the way from across the store. (I have an unusually strong sense of smell, it’s the bane of my existence). But still.

Seafood prices look like phone numbers.

Still, Florida is great.

A Successful Biden Presidency

Back in 2016 I didn’t support Trump but hoped, for the sake of all of us, that he’d prove me wrong and turn out to be a great president.

This time, I didn’t support Biden but I wish him great success, too.

He doesn’t even have to do much to do well in my book. Not start any wars, not bring back the “Dear Colleague” letter, not saddle higher ed with more compliance, not open the borders even more, not pack the SCOTUS, not destroy the electoral college, and not take away even more of our rights under the excuse of COVID, terrorism, or anything else.

I’m not unreasonable. I’m not asking the guy to do anything. If he abstains from much action on these issues, I’ll say he’s successful. Even if he’s only a little less hawkish and a little bit less inept than Obama, he’ll already be a success.

Florida Impressions

I never thought I’d get to the point where I will always be the first person in the family to wake up and lie there, waiting for everybody to start stirring.

In any case, I’m happy to report that some things never change, and the famous road in Fort Myers Beach is still being repaired. It’s almost an endearing experience to come every year and see it in the exact same state of constant repairs with zero progress and endless traffic jams.

It’s a little wet this morning but WeatherBug promises a huge improvement by 11 am, which is when mine are going to wake up.

Flights, by the way, are expensive and packed. I discovered that when I put on my reading glasses with the mask on, the glasses immediately fog. Which is yet another demonstration that masks are useless. The air very clearly escapes by going upwards and not through the stupid thing but whatever. Virus is going to virus and idiots are going to idiot.

And yes, it’s always the same view I post because we always stay at the same place. We’ve experimented but always end up here because it’s the best of them.

Wealth Transfer

This is what the COVID hysteria is all about. Without this, we would all be allowed to know that COVID is a mild respiratory disease that is only dangerous to the very old and the very sick. This is why we are being lied to and locked up:

Amazon: profit up 100%
Walmart: profit up 80%
Target: profit up 80%
Lowe’s: profit up 74%
Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google: stock at record high

Wealth increase in the pandemic for founder/CEOs of
Amazon: $91 billion
Walmart: $38B
Google: $37B
Microsoft: $33B
Facebook: $28B
Nike: $8B
Apple: $8B

Small businesses: collectively lost over $200 billion

We’re witnessing a record wealth transfer

This is absolutely about a massive wealth transfer. Wealth is being transferred from us to the bastards that try to keep us scared.