A Successful Biden Presidency

Back in 2016 I didn’t support Trump but hoped, for the sake of all of us, that he’d prove me wrong and turn out to be a great president.

This time, I didn’t support Biden but I wish him great success, too.

He doesn’t even have to do much to do well in my book. Not start any wars, not bring back the “Dear Colleague” letter, not saddle higher ed with more compliance, not open the borders even more, not pack the SCOTUS, not destroy the electoral college, and not take away even more of our rights under the excuse of COVID, terrorism, or anything else.

I’m not unreasonable. I’m not asking the guy to do anything. If he abstains from much action on these issues, I’ll say he’s successful. Even if he’s only a little less hawkish and a little bit less inept than Obama, he’ll already be a success.

7 thoughts on “A Successful Biden Presidency”

  1. Sometimes asking people not to mess things up is asking for more than they can give. However, it is a reasonable request.


  2. Speaking of higher ed and compliance, I think we should stop complaining about our existing bureaucracies. Because you know the new one that’s coming for higher ed? The COVID bureaucracy, and it’ll be way worse than anything we have ever seen before.

    As an example, to set foot on my university campus now you have to have a flu vaccine and you have to get tested every 12 days (students can get suspended if they don’t). And of course there are the usual masks and social distancing. I don’t know how all this is legal, but there it is. It is as if the administration does not want any of us to teach or come to class in person.


  3. Do you believe Biden will have any say? The guy is hardly alive, just like our democracy. Things will happen as planned. My only hope is that the Senate and the House have enough decent people to stop the craziness to some degree.

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  4. Judging by the tone of this video from a man who seems strongly pro democrat yet anti corruption enough to be an almost-moderate who can at least be understood by Trump voters, should Biden be declared president, even his own base will be very upset very quickly imo:


      1. “Do you seriously think he’s making these decisions?”

        Well, whoever’s calling the shots, at least the Cabinet’s (so far) reasonable picks aren’t being dictated by Warren or AOC.


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