Florida Impressions

I never thought I’d get to the point where I will always be the first person in the family to wake up and lie there, waiting for everybody to start stirring.

In any case, I’m happy to report that some things never change, and the famous road in Fort Myers Beach is still being repaired. It’s almost an endearing experience to come every year and see it in the exact same state of constant repairs with zero progress and endless traffic jams.

It’s a little wet this morning but WeatherBug promises a huge improvement by 11 am, which is when mine are going to wake up.

Flights, by the way, are expensive and packed. I discovered that when I put on my reading glasses with the mask on, the glasses immediately fog. Which is yet another demonstration that masks are useless. The air very clearly escapes by going upwards and not through the stupid thing but whatever. Virus is going to virus and idiots are going to idiot.

And yes, it’s always the same view I post because we always stay at the same place. We’ve experimented but always end up here because it’s the best of them.

5 thoughts on “Florida Impressions”

  1. “he didn’t name”

    When I was a kid my family used to occasional go to Fort Myers Beach on the weekend (not the best beaches in the region and not super convenient but better than anything closer – we were on the coast but just had mangrove swamps and a blackwater river that emptied into the Gulf close to hand). It’s so weird to see high rises that close to the water…. it was just houses and…. nothing when we went.

    Highway 41 through Fort Myers had the worst driving I’ve ever seen so that’s something I really don’t miss….


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