Same Old Loser

Biden is appointing Yellen?? The same dumb broad who mishandled the economy so badly during Obama? What, there’s a shortage of useless idiots all of a sudden that he’s got to find that old used up one?

You folks who voted for this guy, with all due respect. . . OK, whatever.

7 thoughts on “Same Old Loser”

    1. This is a neoliberal hack who will impoverish millions of people. Isn’t it a little bit more important than what I call this rancid bitch? We are in the midst of the largest transfer of capital in 50 years. These are terrible, terrible people who are robbing us all. And I’m sure that they are laughing at us, dumb proles, every day.


    2. “dumb broad is not a term”

      I agree that she’s not dumb. That leaves evil…
      How much of her career has been about transferring wealth to the already ultra-rich? Evil.


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