Wealth Transfer

This is what the COVID hysteria is all about. Without this, we would all be allowed to know that COVID is a mild respiratory disease that is only dangerous to the very old and the very sick. This is why we are being lied to and locked up:

Amazon: profit up 100%
Walmart: profit up 80%
Target: profit up 80%
Lowe’s: profit up 74%
Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google: stock at record high

Wealth increase in the pandemic for founder/CEOs of
Amazon: $91 billion
Walmart: $38B
Google: $37B
Microsoft: $33B
Facebook: $28B
Nike: $8B
Apple: $8B

Small businesses: collectively lost over $200 billion

We’re witnessing a record wealth transfer


This is absolutely about a massive wealth transfer. Wealth is being transferred from us to the bastards that try to keep us scared.

11 thoughts on “Wealth Transfer”

  1. Obama oversaw what is probably the greatest transfer of wealth in the country’s history.
    Trump oversaw no such transfer and in fact oversaw the first rise in real wages in…. how many years?
    Biden/Harris will oversee and enforce a transfer of wealth that will make Obama’s look puny…
    Which one gets compared to the nazis again?

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    1. Trump did absolutely nothing to improve it. The fact that it took a pandemic to reverse all the gains of his administration shows that, it was all a mirage of economic prosperity based on a temporary good economy propped up by borrowing and printing money.

      No health care reform, no new taxes on the mega rich, no additional protections for working and middle class people.

      He literally lower taxes on all those mega corporations and the mega rich, how could you possible say he did something positive to address wealth inequality?


      1. Um… do you actually know anyone in the working class? My whole family benefited from Trump’s policies and decisions. Enforcing immigration law meant it was easy for my Dad to find work, and at higher wages than he can usually get. Everyone in my family got more back on their tax returns, and my sister was finally able to land a steady job with decent pay as a direct result of a large government building contract. That is now threatened by the incoming Dem administration.

        Addressing wealth inequality isn’t just punishing the wealthy and pumping money into welfare programs. Creating better conditions for the working class also counts, you know. Not having to compete with illegal immigrants to see who can live on the lowest wages is nice. Tax breaks are nice.

        At this point we have a hard time giving a rat’s arse about government healthcare policies, because none of the docs that accept insurance or medicare/medicaid can actually help you anyway. So any way you work it, you’re out of pocket to see a doc who’s more than an overpriced statin/antibiotic dispenser. We all have catastrophic insurance or healthshares in case we need a hospital. Nothing beyond that is even useful.


  2. This is nothing new. This wealth transfer did not just start during this pandemic, COVID has just made it much more apparent.

    People like Bernie Sanders have been screaming about this for over a decade and little to nothing is been done to address it by either party.


    1. That’s such a weird excuse. We are personally facilitating this robbery when we support COVIDIOCY. Forget Bernie, parties, or 30 years ago. Today you are personally complicit with this. Let’s stop waiting for a savior and start doing for ourselves. We are complicit. We need to stop.

      We can put an end to this any time we want. And we don’t need a party for that.


      1. COVID will be out of our lives in a year or so. This wealth inequality has been with us for a long time and unless the politicians do something about it, it will continue to be a fact of life well after COVID.

        COVID did not create this wealth inequality. The seed for this transfer of wealth were planted by Reagan’s trickle down economics, and we continue to see the consequences today.

        This idea that making the rich richer will make us all more prosperous has been debunked long ago.


        1. I don’t care about “inequality” because I’m not 12. I’m discussing serious issues here, such as the destruction of our civil rights through lockdowns. I don’t care about the childish slogans about “the rich getting richer.” The problem I’m discussing isn’t that somebody is getting richer. It’s that my freedom of movement and my child’s capacity to get an education are being stolen to enrich these people.


        2. “wealth inequality has been with us for a long time”

          You think?

          “For you have the poor with you always, and whenever you wish you may do them good; but Me you do not have always.” (Mark 14:7)

          “unless the politicians do something about it”

          And, there’s the heart of the matter. Absolutely no good can come from making the state and partisan politics the alpha and omega of modern life. This worship of Baal is destroying western civilization.

          “Reagan’s trickle down economics …making the rich richer”

          Even Karl Marx had a far more sophisticated notion of economics than that suggested here. Capitalism (and capitalists, decidedly not state policy-makers) created a never-before-seen potential for enormous advances in human productivity through expanded reproduction, not theft.


  3. “Without this, we would all be allowed to know that COVID is a mild respiratory disease that is only dangerous to the very old and the very sick.”

    Well… The public health mandarins aren’t products of Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley isn’t the reason that restricting everyone, rather than protecting the vulnerable, became the global response to Covid. Are you referring to big-tech censorship of Covid skepticism?

    I think the power and self-interest of the tech oligarchs is not enough to explain the enthusiasm for lockdowns etc. The will to power of politicians and public servants, the opportunity for virtue signaling, the opportunity to work from home rather than go to the office…

    The Baumanesque explanation that lockdowns fit the zeitgeist because they are all about further migration into the digital, or something like that, is tantalizing… Then there’s the self-interest of the boomer gerontocracy – or simply the fact that in most countries, the rulers are old enough to be at risk – I could believe that that is pervasive enough to explain a lot of it… I wonder if Habermas can shed any light. I never read him, but he’s about communicative rationality, and public health measures are supposed to be the epitome of rationality and collective virtue combined.


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