Quote of the Day

As always, from Clive James:

The left is always at its weakest when it argues for an alternative past, administered by better men. They can only mean men like them. (This assumption of personal superiority is where the perennial left comes closest to the classic right.)

This quote hits the spot for me because I’m very tired of hearing how the cause is good, the ideas are great, and the only reason why this cause and these ideas have always produced terrible results is that they weren’t put into practice correctly. “If only somebody sufficiently special got on it…”

Clive James disliked those very special cookies as much as I do.

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Instead of a review of CA, why not pen a long form essay in reply, highlighting a few of the many lives he writes about, and linking his observations with contemporary issues and moments, a la your comment? The book is well worth bringing to new readers.


  2. I suppose it depends on which special cookies you are referring to. I always argued that Margaret Thatcher was a strong women. Didn’t seem to win me any points with feminists for some reason.


  3. No. The left isn’t at its weakest when it has to argue something. That idea depends on the left being logical and rational, which when it comes to power, it is not. The strength of the left comes mainly from numbers, and, perhaps, by the zealotry of that numerous group.

    If you ask me, looking both at history and what is on the news, the left is weakest the instant after its ranks have been decimated by everyone who didn’t want to be a slave to it, because at that point, the mob is smallest and most disjointed.


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