Trump Saves Jews

Isn’t it really funny that the right of Jews in New York state to practice Judaism was salvaged only because Trump, whom everybody called a Nazi for 5 years, appointed three new Supreme Court justices?

Without Trump’s nominees, Jews would have to go underground with their Jewishness.

5 thoughts on “Trump Saves Jews”

  1. “Isn’t it really funny that …?

    What’s really funny is that NOBODY is giving Trump credit for this — not the Orthodox Jews, who either don’t vote or vote reflectively Democratic; not the Catholics who get the same rights; not the ACLU, who would defend these religious groups if they were Muslim; and certainly not the liberal media, who excuse all sorts of “justified” super-spreader events (the BLM riots, the mass celebrations on election night after Biden’s victory, etc., etc.).

    Trump has lost his election and is history. But it’s a real pleasure to see Chief Justice Roberts — who had appointed himself as the all-important not so conservative tie-breaker in SCOTUS — being rendered not so self-important by the three genuinely conservative justices that Trump has put on the court, and who will be there for decades.

    (Yes, I’m up very late even by Arizona time — going to bed now, so won’t see any replies until late morning Friday, too late to respond. Goodnight!)


    1. // not the Orthodox Jews, who either don’t vote or vote reflectively Democratic

      You are confusing between liberal, relatively secular Jews and religious fundamentalists (identified by special black clothes) who do vote Republican.

      “Orthodox Jews back Trump by massive margin, poll finds
      83% of denomination say they plan to vote for the incumbent, compared to just 14% for Biden; 4% undecided with 20 days to election, while 76% say media biased against Trump”


      1. I dispute your definition of Orthodox Jews as religious fundamentalists. Orthodox Jews are no more fundamentalist than any other faithful who adheres to all tenets of a creed and FOLLOWS that creed in honest belief. Rather, it is non-Orthodox Jews’ self-definition as Jews that should be questioned.

        If one does not observe Shabbath, does not keep a Kosher home, does not observe Holy Days, does not believe in the coming of Mashiach, eats non-kosher food, entertains adulterous relationships if married or fornicates if unmarried, does not comply with any of the 613 mitzwoth, in what way is one a Jew ?

        Having Jewish ancestors may halakhically make one a Jew, but purely in an ethnic sense that is very dangerously close to racialism, a claim that most if not all of these so-called Jews would reject out of hand if it were put forward by one of the deplorables.


      2. The mystery series I uncovered yesterday is precisely about the efforts, back in the 1960s, to create a space for Jews between the Orthodox and the aggressively secular and hysterically BLMing. As we can see, that project failed.


  2. Are you referring to the latest Supreme Court decision that people should have the right to freely congregate inside their place of worship in spite of this ongoing health emergency crisis?
    Doesn’t that ruling also benefit Christians and Muslims as well?


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