Euthanized to Avoid COVID

Canadians are now killing the elderly to save them from being killed by COVID.

Wait, what?

Oh, Canada. . .

More on Obama

I don’t think Obama is evil, by the way. The reason why he was such a bad president is that he is extremely vain. Three autobiographies one after another are a good indicator of that.

He needs to shine but he was elected with zero experience and knowledge of how to do anything. Unlike Trump, who has the rare yet extremely useful defect of not being able to conceive of anybody outshining him, Obama couldn’t appoint anybody but complete mediocrities to his cabinet. Anybody half capable would have made him feel deficient, so he had to surround himself with doddering fools like Biden, Arne Duncan, John Kerry, Yellen, Holder, and all the rest of those sad asses.

Obama isn’t stupid, though. He knows he messed up. Maybe he isn’t letting this knowledge to reach him consciously but he knows. The most recent autobiography points to the need to self-justify. He’ll now try to replay his presidency through Biden to prove to himself that he wasn’t completely useless. Which he was, as we all know.

Book Notes: Harry Kemelman’s Friday the Rabbi Slept Late

This is the first in a series of mystery novels about Rabbi David Small. The mystery in this first novel in the series is nothing special. I knew who the murderer was 3 seconds after the murderer’s first appearance. But the rabbi is priceless.

The novel was written in the 1960s when there seems to have been a hope to create a way of being Jewish that lay between the Hasidic lifestyle and the completely irreligious marching-with-the-BLM and wailing-at-faculty-meetings-about-the-importance-of-pronouns lifestyle. Kemelman’s rabbi is trying to create that midway option but even in the 1960s it seems to be too late. The congregation doesn’t want rabbinical wisdom. It wants to discard every marker of Jewishness and just fit in. It’s interesting to read the novel now that we know how the story ends.

Quite a few paragraphs from the novel sound like they have been lifted straight from Rod Dreher’s blog. American Christianity is right now experiencing what American Judaism went through 60 years ago. If Kemelman’s novel is to teach us anything, it’s that Dreher is right to worry. People need to feel that their lives have a transcendent aspect. Once you erase religion from their lives, they start trying to wrench transcendence from places that aren’t suited for that purpose. The result is always ugly.

As I always say, the people who stop believing in the Savior become the Savior. And that’s very scary.

Recreating the Obama Years

What’s really weird is that Biden is trying to recreate the Obama presidency. Everybody agrees that Obama was a failure. If there’s one thing conservatives and progressives agree on, it’s that the Obama years were a total waste of time. The guy was indifferent, inept, and useless. He had no achievements even the most crazed fans can point to other than the mangled ACA. (Ta-Nehisi Coates, for example, wrote a whole book making precisely this point).

So Biden, who’s been running for president for longer than I’ve been alive, finally squeezes out a win, and what does he do? He proceeds to appoint all the same old Obama people and vaguely announcing the restoration of all the same failed Obama policies.

I’m only seeing one explanation. They’ve got nothing else. Democrats don’t have a plan, a dream, or a set of policies they want to put in place. They are content with just sitting there ineptly and indifferently while the digital oligarchy remakes the world to its liking.

I didn’t think many things could stun me but Biden’s transition team and cabinet picks did stun me. This is a bunch of inept, bumbling Obama-era losers. No new faces, nobody with any capacity to do anything. I’d think the guy would want finally to get out of Obama’s shadow and have a moment of his own.

Of course, the Left is not noticing because it’s still obsessing pathetically over Trump and some imaginary coup he’s been preparing for longer than Obama has been completely useless.