Euthanized to Avoid COVID

Canadians are now killing the elderly to save them from being killed by COVID.

Wait, what?

Oh, Canada. . .

14 thoughts on “Euthanized to Avoid COVID”

  1. Did you notice that some Canadian bureaucrat came up with a very bland official acronym (“MAID”) for the euthanasia procedure?


    1. “some Canadian bureaucrat came up with a very bland official acronym (“MAID”)”

      Horror story…

      “Yes dear, this big old house is sometimes too much to handle, I think I would like a maid, what a kind offer!”


      1. As long as we’re writing a horror story, perhaps some other acronyms would be more accurate:

        MAD — “Murder as Desired”
        MASK — “Medically Arranged Slaughter Killing”
        DEAD — “Disgusting Elder Already Dismissed”
        SLOW — “Selected Life of Obsolete Worthlessness”
        CULL — “Cancel Un-Lifeworthy Loser”
        or even SICK — “Society Intervention for Clinical Kindness”

        (For the record, I m NOT releasing these acronyms into the public domain. If any reader uses them in in a disgusting horror tale before my sick mind gets around to it, you can expect a deep-pockets lawsuit that might drive you to suicide decades before the government finally comes for you!)


  2. “Russell had been a supporter of dying with dignity long before the pandemic, her family says. ‘I do want to underscore the fact that she wanted medical assistance in dying at some point,’ her daughter stressed… The first doctor she applied to said no. ‘My mom told me he said to her, you’ve got too much to live for'”

    Sometimes I don’t recognize my own country run, as it is, by rabid ‘progressives’ with niche anti-social agendas.

    But, like this doctor, there are more than a few of us left, maybe the majority, who are appalled that the state legitimizes/facilitates the suicide/murder of the mentally ill. May God have mercy on her soul.


  3. It’s not just in Canada that this happens. I had to snatch my father out of what amounted to a trap — a nurse and social worker who had decided his life was not worth his living, tried to arrange with his MD to get him on drugs and hospice (which allows you more drugs). Another worker tipped me off, and the MD was also wary, so it was prevented. But they had made assumptions, such as that he wouldn’t accept, and I would not encourage, certain actually minor purchases he needed, and that I would prefer he be pushed to a quicker decline. They were surprised that: 1/ I take seriously his instructions that while he doesn’t want to go to intensive care, he also doesn’t want to hasten death otherwise; 2/ I am not trying to override these instructions; 3/ I am not his guardian, POA means I make decisions only if he is not able to communicate; 4/ I do not see his spending a few hundred, or a few thousand dollars on this or that as impractical expenses that erode my inheritance; 5/ I see him as a person, not a corpse or an estate. These views are apparently not that common


    1. That’s… horrifying. At the beginning of the pandemic thing, I saw more than a few furtive comments to the effect that the net result would be positive: million$ saved on costly end-of-life care, a temporary increase in inheritance wealth turnover, that sort of thing. Looks like when the illness didn’t live up to the hype, not everyone gave up on that dream…


      1. I saw a lot of those comments, and the idea was don’t worry, it will be good if those who die, die. We actually say that about a lot of things, people assume it’s fine that people die in wars, etc.


    2. It doesn’t surprise me that serial killers hang out in nursing homes and think they can appeal to mercenary idiots to bump off their elderly relatives.


  4. Respectfully, I don’t think that Canadians are killing other Canadians so as to prevent COVID from killing them. To me, the case cited seems more like a Canadian voluntarily seeking to be murdered by her own attending medical professionals who themselves succumbed to whatever delusion allowed them to justify it to themselves.

    It would be interesting, though, if anyone on this page with contacts in Italy could confirm that a significant number of Italian politicians and businesspeople are quietly celebrating how many elderly Italians died of the virus, particularly in the North of the country where wealth is more greatly concentrated.


    1. “Italian politicians and businesspeople are quietly celebrating how many elderly Italians died”

      Even if the three million richest Italians died and left all their assets to the state it probably wouldn’t make the tiniest dent in Italian debt (which is probably about to crack up the eurozone or plunge the continent into depression or…. something, but the German austerity regime, or the Euro, not sure which, cannot last much longer)

      The idiots behind the dysfunctional loanshark scheme known as the Euro obviously never planned for real problems…. so… things are going to get interesting….


      1. In the beginning, before I got involved with these kinds of things, I thought that things like debt levels etc mattered much more. Later on I learned that things like governmental debt etc are more like an excuse or leverage that is used by (whoever is in the best position that day) to extract or implement something.

        The other really important thing I learned is how cheap the people in charge are. In a backdrop of the state owing trillions, you’d think that no one would bat an eye at a few billion dollars being freed up. But they do, because they just want a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of those billions, to pay off the credit card debt they racked up at a casino with their mistress that the wife doesn’t know about.

        That being said, yes, I think that that the dictators in charge are cornered and about to do something dumb & interesting, probably involving a printing press, helicopters, and renewed attacks on the nations like Greece/Spain etc.


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