Costly Diversity

Ten million dollars a year total to pay these party apparatchiks. Imagine how many students could experience true inclusion through having their tuition paid in full instead of feeding this army of useless individuals.

What is the number at your school?

The Anti-everything Movement

Every major leftist cause today is about getting people to hate and fear each other. Microaggressions, BLM, COVID response.

The Left attaches the suffix “-phobic” to everything because its only agenda at this point in time is to stoke suspicion and kill solidarity.

All of its slogans are punitive – abolish! defund! cancel! lock down! Even their cutesy poster “hate has no home here” starts with “hate” and follows with the inhospitable “no home.” It would be easier to say “love lives here” but there’s no love in the movement any more. And no home either.

Anti-racism, their new fad, isn’t for anything either. It’s not pro-anything because the Left doesn’t know how to do that anymore. It can define the enemies and hound them with their screams of phobias, antis, and hatreds. But there’s no final goal other than to have everybody sit at home alone, hating and fearing everybody else.

Language matters, and when a movement can’t come up with anything that isn’t oppositional, punitive, or rage-filled, that’s not a good sign.