Costly Diversity

Ten million dollars a year total to pay these party apparatchiks. Imagine how many students could experience true inclusion through having their tuition paid in full instead of feeding this army of useless individuals.

What is the number at your school?

13 thoughts on “Costly Diversity”

  1. Unbelievable ! Is is this bad at our local university here, the University of Arizona? Sadly, probably so. My wife and I have always given generously for student scholarships, even though we have been angered at the 10’s of millions of dollars that are wasted on worthless things that have absolutely nothing to do with education our youth for the future. At our state university, the tuition is now 7 and a half times higher in real terms, adjusted for inflation, than when I attended the university 56 year ago. And the liberal left tell us how much better things are today than they were back then ? Come on !


  2. “What is the number at your school?”

    I’m not in school or in a teaching position, anymore, thank goodness. But I can’t help noticing that many positions in that list have three people with the exact same title on the payroll.

    My state undergraduate college and the state medical school that I attended keep sending me letters asking me to make “tax-deductible” donations to their institution. Hey, I lose the same amount of money every year, no matter whether it goes to build a college library that benefits a privileged few, or to pay taxes for federal/state programs like Medicaid to help people who can’t survive without assistance.

    I’d probably get my picture in the newspaper if a college library were named after me. So what? Nobody gets his photo in the paper for paying his taxes.


  3. Well, that’s ten million reasons to vote for Biden. Imagine how many more of these good middle-class jobs could be created if police were defunded. Why should public money be spend employing a bunch of uneducated, racist, low-class individuals?


  4. “the number at your school?”

    I have no idea…. there used be something called Cultural Diversity Day (Dzień różnorodności kulturowej) in the building I work in. People from different countries set up stands with pictures and samples of food and talk to people about their culture/country (some high schools brought in students too).

    We occasionally get emails about…. diverse things… but that’s about it.

    I stumbled on a ‘debate’ on a local tv station between the rectors of local universities and the mayor where they discussed such controversial issues as ‘learning foreign languages is worthwhile’ and ‘racial tolerance is good’….


    1. And mind you, this isn’t taking into account a dozen committees where professors do diversity stuff as part of their regular work duties. This isn’t on the list because they don’t get paid extra for it.

      Does anybody wonder why tuition is so high? This is where the money goes.


  5. I await with bated breath your spirited defense of the high salaries college football staff commands. Comparing apples to apples:
    Ohio State head coach Ryan Day now top fifteen in highest paid coaches in college football

    With success comes the spoils, and er … money. And in the case of Ohio State head coach, it means he’s moved up the rankings of highest annually compensated college football coaches. According to a listing and database put together by USA TODAY Sports, Day moved from the No. 22 highest-paid coach in 2019, up to No. 13. for 2022.

    Just last season, Day made a reported salary of $4.5 million, but that was bumped up to $5.65 Million after he received a contract extension in February that will eventually escalate to $7.6 million in 2022…

    Think of how many students could experience true inclusion and community by having their tuition paid in full instead of enriching people to watch players induce brain damage in themselves and precipitate sports riots!
    And that’s one dude and not the entire football department or the coaching staff. :-p


    1. Closer to home:

      These Are the Highest Paid Public Employees in Every State


      Highest paid public employee: Lovie Smith; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign football coach
      Annual salary: $4,000,000
      2nd highest paid public employee: Thomas Hammock; Northern Illinois University football coach
      Annual salary: $610,000
      3rd highest paid public employee: Syed Hussain; Illinois Dept. of Human Services physician
      Annual salary: $408,800…


    2. I’m no fan of football, but at least in theory, some of that money comes back via licensed “go team” merchandise.

      I’ve yet to see any must-have merchandise that’s been made popular by the success of the Chief Diversity Officer (or better yet, the running rivalry between the Chief Diversity officer’s team, and that of the rival university). The coach, though… My mother would not be without her home-team T-shirt, sweatshirt, insulated mug, key fob, lanyard, hat, and matching gear for all the grandkids.

      I expect it’s still a drain on the college budget, but I’d love to see the actual numbers for how much merchandising income accrues to colleges, vs. the salaries of their football coaches.


    3. Football probably contributes more to diversity on campus than all the diversity officers. Most of the students receive scholarships and many go on to lucrative careers.


  6. The logic of all of these positions is that it is proof that you are doing something about diversity. I was once in a discussion where people were advocating that our college (one of a dozen inside of the larger university) should have an entire Associate Dean devoted to diversity rather than an Associate Dean with 30% of their duties devoted to diversity. No one really seemed to know how much work the 30% involved and if there was really more work that should be getting done, but lots of people seemed convinced that we needed a whole Associate Dean if we were really serious about diversity. An Associate Dean’s salary would be enough to fund 25 full tuition scholarships for minority students every year, but no one every brings that up as a potentially better use of the money.

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