The Anti-everything Movement

Every major leftist cause today is about getting people to hate and fear each other. Microaggressions, BLM, COVID response.

The Left attaches the suffix “-phobic” to everything because its only agenda at this point in time is to stoke suspicion and kill solidarity.

All of its slogans are punitive – abolish! defund! cancel! lock down! Even their cutesy poster “hate has no home here” starts with “hate” and follows with the inhospitable “no home.” It would be easier to say “love lives here” but there’s no love in the movement any more. And no home either.

Anti-racism, their new fad, isn’t for anything either. It’s not pro-anything because the Left doesn’t know how to do that anymore. It can define the enemies and hound them with their screams of phobias, antis, and hatreds. But there’s no final goal other than to have everybody sit at home alone, hating and fearing everybody else.

Language matters, and when a movement can’t come up with anything that isn’t oppositional, punitive, or rage-filled, that’s not a good sign.

5 thoughts on “The Anti-everything Movement”

  1. It’s also hard to sustain a movement with nothing to vote for. With Trump gone how do they convince people to keep voting for them?


    1. Generally by doing two things.

      First, money is borrowed and spent to create the illusion of prosperity and create a large grateful dependent group of generally ignorant people, which naturally includes selecting large entities like media houses to subsidise along with large employers that already mesh with government (eg Amazon sized companies that pay people so poorly that those people require food stamps, or agricultural entities that profit or depend of abusive government behaviour like ignoring immigration laws, or academics in universities who receive anything from government generally through grants or government subsidised programs). Simultaneously government types of jobs are created, again using borrowed money.

      The point of doing that is to create a false economy that is built largely on debt and abuse of some kind, that incentivises a segment of the population (the welfare class, the media class, public servants in make work jobs and kleptocratic owners of very large yet lowly paying businesses) to vote for the new paymasters upon whom they depend.

      Second by attacking their opponents in any way possible, by doing such things as defaming them, attacking and destroying their businesses/livelihood, using blacklists, intimidating or attacking political donors past and present, rigging elections, positioning their own people within media/governmental/electoral entities so as to deny opponents of everything from business registration to due process of all kinds etc. denying any potential opponent any kind of platform, removing them from platforms (so called ‘deplatforming’) if possible etc.

      Depending on the potential opponent you also get less pleasant things like murder, arson, property damage, false allegations, trumped up charges, wrongful imprisonment, intimidation or attacks via contractors, hacking/planting of such things as child pornography on computers etc.

      I’m not sure how it will play out in a nation as wealthy as the USA, but things will definitely move in that direction.


  2. It becomes self-reinforcing. If you are for something, then that something (and by extension you) can be attacked for being insufficiently perfect along some axis or other.

    Much safer to be purely against. It’s harder to attack you if you don’t hold any territory.

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  3. Not only is the newspeak full of hate words, but also full of vague words. They excessively use the word “reimagine”, or in connection with “racism” they keep using the expression “to do the work”. It’s a language that will sustain you in perpetual hate of things that you can’t even define and as a result don’t know how to fix.


  4. “Every major leftist cause today is about getting people to hate ”

    to use my new favorite expression…. leftism simply doesn’t scale up as a viable societal norm which is amply attested by every society taken over by leftist ideas (and promptly boards the bullet train to shitholeville)

    Having some individual leftists around is a good idea and them having a push various cause occasionally is also good (under certain conditions) but as a general setter of norms….. oh god no, what an awful idea….


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