Out of the Cult

It must be so humiliating to march all summer for black lives and then have horrible people who have made fortunes persecuting blacks thrown at you with the excuse that they are “women of color.”

Or is it possible that people are so brainwashed by identity peddlers that they don’t notice how every “first black whatever” and “first female whatsit” always turns out to be a nasty neoliberal fuck?

I will never again vote Democrat because one life is not enough to forgive lockdowns and riots, but to those who do I highly recommend to conquer the trembling in the knees that every fake “of color” gives them. It’s really pathetic to get duped into a Kamala and a Neera every single time. Forget vaginas and skin tones. Start paying attention to actual policies. It’s year 2020. It’s the height of idiocy to be so obsessed with physiological characteristics.

Weird, weird people. There’s absolutely zero chance I’d vote for, say, a Ukrainian female borscht-loving politician who’s into wars and open borders. Like fuck do I care about her identity when she’s into things I hate?

All in the Narrative

Back in September I had this really bad cold. It went on for 10 days. I felt so weak that there was a day when I didn’t manage to propel myself out of bed at all. My throat hurt so badly that I would wake up at night. I have a very high pain tolerance, so for me to register pain it’s got to be major. Every joint in my body hurt.

I still didn’t miss a single day of work because I don’t see the point.

I’ve had this exact cold at this exact time of month since 2004. This year wasn’t even the worst. Usually, the cold is accompanied by an eye or an ear infection, or both at the same time. And even then I never lose a day of work over it not because I’m a work fanatic but because the time goes faster when I’m occupied.

Yes, this is the most boring story in existence. But if I told this exact same story (without the part where I’ve had it for 16 years, of course) and added a COVID-positive test at the end, people would immediately find it fascinating because they would invest it with a meaning that a regular cold doesn’t have.

It’s all about the narrative, folks.

What Professors Prioritize

Here’s an interesting longish read on how impossible it turned out to publish a study that analyzed which kind of professors prioritized knowledge and which kinds were more interested in SJWing.

Professors were asked to rank the following according to the degree of importance:

  1. Academic rigor
  2. Knowledge advancement
  3. Academic freedom
  4. Students’ emotional well-being
  5. Social Justice

For me it would be 2, 3 (understood as nobody telling me what to teach), 1, 4. I wouldn’t put 5 on my list at all because it has zero meaning other than a professor filling up class time with complete idiocy because she has no actual material she can teach.

Here’s what the study found:

  • Relatively conservative professors valued academic rigor and knowledge advancement more than did relatively liberal professors.
  • Relatively liberal professors valued social justice and student emotional well-being more so than did relatively conservative professors.
  • Professors identifying as female also tended to place relative emphasis on social justice and emotional well-being (relative to professors who identified as male).
  • Business professors placed relative emphasis on knowledge advancement and academic rigor while Education professors placed relative emphasis on social justice and student emotional well-being.
  • Regardless of these other factors, relatively agreeable professors tend to place higher emphasis on social justice and emotional well-being of students.

This explains gender disparities in student evaluations very well.

Desperate Decorations

We came back home and found the entire town decorated for Christmas with the kind of vengeance that only endless lockdowns can produce. I’m thinking I’ll have to buy a dozen more strings of Christmas lights to keep up with the desperate decoration strategy of my neighborhood. People are clearly ready to say goodbye to year 2020.