I can’t fully explain why the expression “English Language Arts” used instead of simply saying “English” bugs me so much. But it does.

5 thoughts on “ELA”

  1. Is it to ensure only creative writing falls under this umbrella? Like poetry/prose/screenwriting? And not majors like journalism or theory of literature? I’m talking out of my a$$ obviously as I don’t really know what English submajors exist out there and if they’re really ever found under any umbrella not called English.


  2. It’s soviet-style linguistic busywork that tries to imbue every set of terms with grandiosity and/or occupy your memory entirely with just remembering the term itself rather than what it’s supposed to refer to.

    It’s also contemptuous of the ability to distinguish different meanings of the same word based on context.

    Finally, it moves literature away from being the exemplar form of a language and towards it being a one-of-many specializations within a culture. You could, for example, have English Culinary Arts, all about hamburgers and blood pudding, depending.


  3. Because it’s wrong. That’s why it bugs you. And stupid. And nonsensical commissar language used by mindless nitwits trying to reinvent the wheel but who are so half-arsed about it that they wouldn’t be able to draw a circle if they used the bottom of a glass, that’s what.


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