Out of the Cult

It must be so humiliating to march all summer for black lives and then have horrible people who have made fortunes persecuting blacks thrown at you with the excuse that they are “women of color.”

Or is it possible that people are so brainwashed by identity peddlers that they don’t notice how every “first black whatever” and “first female whatsit” always turns out to be a nasty neoliberal fuck?

I will never again vote Democrat because one life is not enough to forgive lockdowns and riots, but to those who do I highly recommend to conquer the trembling in the knees that every fake “of color” gives them. It’s really pathetic to get duped into a Kamala and a Neera every single time. Forget vaginas and skin tones. Start paying attention to actual policies. It’s year 2020. It’s the height of idiocy to be so obsessed with physiological characteristics.

Weird, weird people. There’s absolutely zero chance I’d vote for, say, a Ukrainian female borscht-loving politician who’s into wars and open borders. Like fuck do I care about her identity when she’s into things I hate?

10 thoughts on “Out of the Cult”

  1. Alicia Garza, co-founder of BLM, endorsed kamala the cop. Imagine if you were a sincere believer in the movement, went to protests and even did something reckless to earn a police record, only to find out this grifter went with a fucking cop because their skin color matched. Fuck this movement.


    1. It’s terrible. Kamala’s only achievement in life is incarcerating black people. That’s how she made her career.

      And now she’s a breath away from the presidency. The person nobody in her own party wanted to see as president. It’s a travesty.


      1. I had my centrist dem friends argue during the primaries that Biden could be ‘pushed left,’ he’s not the same person , times have changed etc.

        It is one thing to be fooled by Obama because he didn’t have much of a political record/history before becoming president, so you could project all your desires on to him. But Biden? You have a 47 year old record in which he tells you exactly who he is. To think that he would abandon his positions and his networks (exactly what brought him to where he is now) once he gained the immense power of the presidency is just fucking stupid.

        Look at his team: a murderer’s row of deficit hawks and people who are the embodiment of the military industrial complex.

        But hey, his team “looks like America” and the libs are now back to having brunch and cooing over the rescue pet dogs the bidens are bringing to the white house. Good times!


        1. Hey, we go in the opposite directions to arrive at the same place. This is my feelings exactly.

          I didn’t expect Biden’s team to be this blatantly neoliberal, though. I thought they’d try to pretend to be less poisonous, just for appearances sakes. But no, they are sure they have won the whole world. And they are probably right.


      2. “she’s a breath away from the presidency”

        I’m assuming that before too terribly wrong she’ll be president. My working assumption for, oh… some time now, is that Biden was a tool to get her into the office once it became apparent that she had no chance on her own… She was the techno-media choice very early on.


  2. It’s a good thing Biden has a “rescue” dog, now that he’s broken his foot and needs guiding around. Maybe a white cane would help, too.


    1. I don’t believe in this foot twisting ruse. He is becoming too much of a liability. He already blurted out that they’ve built the greatest voter fraud organization or something like that. They will keep him in the basement as it looks like it’s too much to manage his dementia and the show can go on without him. On January 20th, they will pump him up with Addarall and parade him around DC. Then they will put him back under the basement stairs. We will have a parade float president.


  3. Not sure anyone will feel humiliated. Cultish thinkers accept and tolerate all sorts of perversion from their leaders.


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