Stale News

Fauci just announced that… surprise!… children don’t spread COVID.

Anybody with half a brain cell has known it since April.

What a dumb bastard Fauci is. And what a dumb bastard is everybody who takes him seriously.

8 thoughts on “Stale News”

    1. Of course JH got rid of that almost immediately but now seem to have kept the article up somewhere.

      Critics will point out a contradictory CDC study but if you look at the methodology it is quite suspect.

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  1. Respectfully, children do spread the virus. They seem not to spread it so easily nor so far as adults do, but that does not mean that they are not vectors of it.

    As for Fauci, he seems far too demagogic and invested in the issue to take seriously as a health professional imo.


  2. They only want a saint who agrees with them.

    People are generally desperate for someone to take charge in a crisis, even if they’re wrong and make major blunders. The “I want a strong daddy” switch just flips on. You just need to look like you’re taking action and give half a shit. It almost doesn’t matter if you fuck things up even more. This isn’t the same as “saint.”

    Giuliani located the anti-terrorism center in the WTC against advice and despite the fact it had been bombed before.
    But dude was “America’s Mayor” because he was actually visible to the public instead of holing up in an undisclosed location or reading kids’ books with a vacant look on his face.

    Cuomo put covid-19 patients in nursing homes. He’s getting an Emmy. Barf.

    George W. Bush ignored intelligence briefings about Al Qaida and Bin Laden. He was very cozy with the Saudis despite the fact the majority of the hijackers were Saudi. He won reelection handily because “he kept us safe.”

    Trump never even pretended to give half a shit. Sorry.


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