Celebrating the End of November

One of the joys of my life that completely independently of my influence, in a different country my sister got to despise COVIDiocy even more than I do.

On the picture is my new seasonal table layout. I’m working hard on preserving my mental health.

My First Zoom Class

I just taught on Zoom for the first time. It’s horrible. God, people, why did you do this to yourselves? I’ve only got 1,5 weeks to go but some folks have been on Zoom for months.

It’s boring, uncomfortable, and very boring. And did I mention boring? There is no flow of energy, and why do this if not to exchange energy?


Also, how come students thought it’s ok to sit there with their screens off? Is that a thing in online teaching? It’s absolutely ridiculous. I came into a Zoom room and found 20 black squares staring at me. Who came up with this idiotic tradition?

I had to leave office immediately after this sad parody of teaching because I’m not used to sitting for such long stretches of time. What a sucky experience. Bleh.

Real War on Women

Well, duh. The fakedemic has been the real war on women. No school, no children’s activities, no access to healthcare, you can’t even get kids vaccinated for the diseases that actually do hurt them. You can’t work. If you had a career, that’s screwed because see above about no schools. If you get pregnant, you can reliably get an abortion pill through “telemedicine” but to deliver a baby you need an actual hospital and actual medical personnel. The grandma or the aunt or the best friend can’t come over and babysit. There’s no reliable income. The economy is being dismantled at a fast clip.

There hasn’t been a bigger assault on women and women’s rights in a century.