COVID Research of the Day

Back in December of 2019, 2% of blood donors on the West Coast already had SARS-COV-2 antibodies.

This means that SARS-COV-2 was already in the US by then. It’s been in the county for a year. A full seasonal cycle. And at no point in this full seasonal cycle were the hospitals overrun.

What are we locking down for?

In Montreal, people have been fined for having a mask hanging from the dashboard mirror in a parked car. A parked stationary empty car. What the fuck are we all doing?

5 thoughts on “COVID Research of the Day”

  1. Biggest hoax on public ever. I just wonder how much was originally by design and how much was taking advantage of the situation to take down Trump….

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  2. …which means that by mid-March, it was already so widespread that even if it were ebola, lockdowns were going to be too late. Nice.

    You notice when ebola arrived in the US, there were no lockdowns.


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