I have a radio interview coming up. They sent me a list of questions and a script. Should I write down my answers and read then out during the taping or just improvise?

The questions are about me. I’m being interviewed in my capacity as a “fascinating person and a scholar.”

5 thoughts on “Radiohead”

    1. I agree with Don Benham, write down some general notes (maybe including any particular talking points you want to stress) but answer spontaneously.
      The notes are to help you think about what you want to say (and to remind you if you forget during the interview) but there’s no way to read them without sounding like a robot (unless you are a great actor and/or orator).

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  1. My contrary advice:

    Answers in interviews are far more rehearsed than you think. I would rehearse them to the point of memorization so you can sound spontaneous when being asked the same question 50 different times. Nobody actually answers the question, they just answer the question they wished they had gotten.

    Or just freelance the answers on air, (I assume you’ve read the questions already) because fuck it, you’re doing it live! :-DD


  2. I would just write down some notes. For some reason, when someone reads (e.g., a person reading a conference presentation), I often find it hard to follow what they are saying.


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