Student Losses

The largest student losses (meaning they didn’t enroll. Nobody died) are in Business School. They lost a whopping 30% of students.

Engineering is second worst. Their students are largely international.

The third is nursing.

Liberal arts is actually doing better than all of the above.

9 thoughts on “Student Losses”

  1. I haven’t seen numbers for my university, but I imagine they are similar because of the drop in foreign students. We have a lot of foreign students in Business, Engineering, and the Sciences and almost no new foreign students enrolled this year. I also heard a lot of foreign students decided to take a year off.


  2. Spring semester is going to be a bloodbath. I can only hope this leads to cutting a lot of fat from administration since there is so much bloat there.


  3. Why nursing? Is it that the students partway through the program all got jobs as techs or assistants to take advantage of the spike in demand? Or they reconsidered because of the pandemic?


    1. I don’t know how it is where Clarissa is, but where I am the nursing programs were really hurt by the moratorium on in-person rotations. Almost the entire last year was spent online only, with very few people being able to be placed in rotations. Now it’s better, but still not ideal — it’s maybe half online scenarios, half in-person. The students partway through the program hated it because they paid all this money for a degree that’s useless because they have no meaningful real-life experience and training.


      1. IMO this is probably the main reason. My husband is finishing up a medical program, and online clinicals and labs have been a disaster. Complete joke. The zoom classes aren’t much better, and this was a program with an excellent reputation. At this point the students are going to be leaning heavily on OTJ to complete their training. Most of the class (which is one semester from graduation) has signed up together to take a third-party intensive “boot camp” course ahead of the national licensing exam, to make sure they can pass it.


    2. Why nursing? I’m guessing because it’s not a good program to do remotely. There’s a lot of hands on clinical and practical instruction.


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