Good Teacher

I never met this teacher but I love and respect him. He did the honest thing. You can’t teach anything “remotely” anyway so at least he isn’t keeping kids uselessly in front of a screen:

By the way, schools are open even in stupid Quebec that has cancelled Christmas and is promising to force people to wait in lines outside in the gelid Quebec winter for groceries as only 20 people at a time will be allowed into stores.

Why are we making such gigantic assholes of ourselves and not opening schools?

5 thoughts on “Good Teacher”

  1. I’m not a public health expert, so I don’t know for sure. Though my guess is things are just going south very quickly and they’re scared of making things worse?

    Illinois reported 266 new deaths yesterday. Remember when we were discussing whether the death rate was 27 or 76?

    At this point I don’t have much hope for any quick turn around in the next few months. The CDC director already said the next few months are going to be terrible. So, we might as well buckle up, it’s going to be a very shitty winter. Thankfully once vaccinations really kick into gear we should be getting back a relative normal by the Summer, so at least we have that to look forward to.


    1. Oooh, terrible, scaaary! I’m shaking in my boots. Buckle up, hunker down.

      I’m looking forward to going to work tomorrow, to a restaurant on Saturday, to church on Sunday, and then to having an activity-packed Christmas season. I have so many activities planned, I have no idea when I’ll fit them all in. None of them are “remote”, of course.

      But hey, good luck buckling down. We’ll raise a toast to the bucklers the next time I have a party at my place, which will be sometime next week.


  2. I am so thankful my kid’s school is staying open. Every day I fear they will suddenly close and leave my poor first grader with the joke that is distance learning. When we did distance learning in the spring, I had a newborn (born end of Feb), so her “education” was daily walks and exploring the neighborhood, learning how to be a big sister, baking/cooking. If I had more energy I could’ve created science experiments or something but it was extremely difficult to keep going and stay positive for her. I didn’t bother with anything the teacher sent except reading. Everyone I spoke to just kept reiterating how important it was to “stay safe”! No one would acknowledge how difficult and inadequate distance learning/quarantine actually was. Like you, I felt like I was taking crazy pills. I still feel like everyone is lying when they say that nonsense, and nobody is speaking what they truly believe for fear of being ostracized. I didn’t think I would have a repeat of PPD like I did with my daughter because my mental state was so much better when I got pregnant last year. Unfortunately, Covid took that away. Luckily I was long following you, and reading your blog and having my like-minded husband has kept me sane. I’ve come out from the fog that is PPD. Thank you for continuing to write.

    And back to my original point, I hope maybe this gives you some hope. My daughter’s school (in New England, public school) went back in the beginning of September. Every day, in person. They have silly rules now which are so sad like no singing and must wear masks but she is at in person school five days a week. Just before Thanksgiving break we even received a very encouraging email from the superintendent. He addressed the “numbers” and “metrics” which were now “concerning” and said even though they had previously said they would go back to remote when “numbers” looked like this, data has shown them that Covid does not spread in schools like they had worried. So they are staying open! I worry teachers unions will force them to close anyway but for now we are in a good spot.


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