Suicide by Zoom

Before anybody starts blabbing about non-Zoom-related school shootings, please note the kid’s age. Preteens are experiencing an uptick in depression and suicidal ideation. This is the real tragedy, and we are purposefully harming these kids to gratify our adult neuroses.

Schools need to reopen immediately. This should be everybody’s #1 goal. There’s absolutely no danger to these kids from COVID. But there is great danger in keeping them stuck in the Zoom loop.

2 thoughts on “Suicide by Zoom”

  1. Why did they say “dies after shooting”? That’s a really odd way of saying “reportedly shoots self on zoom”.

    Are there restrictions on what they can say because he’s a minor? Family not talking to press? Privacy concerns?


  2. That is a tragedy. This virtual environment is harming children. My aunt teaches in Fresno, CA and she said 90 out of 130 are failing. FAILING. And many of them have parents who don’t speak English and cannot help them. Right now it seems our only recourse is to keep contacting legislators and demanding they reopen schools. What else can we do?


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