The university is now going to punish those of us who teach in person by forcing us to undergo PCR testing (the one that creates an enormous number of false positives and also brings gigantic profits to our corrupt governor) against our will.

The administration resisted this. But the hysterical and stupid public insisted.

We have 0% positivity on campus this week and 0,3% last week, so this isn’t in response to any actual situation. Nobody on campus got sick in the whole semester.

America is a total joke if this is OK and everybody accepts it like stupid, obedient cattle. I didn’t emigrate because of poverty. I wasn’t at all poor. I emigrated because I despised the people around me for being pathetic, terrified sheep. And now I’m seeing that here is worse. Fake elections, suitcases full of ballots, and brainwashed dumb populace eager to accept any indignity. It’s getting very hard to notice the difference.

14 thoughts on “Disappointed”

  1. I am teaching in person next semester and am not looking forward to twice-weekly testing. No one got infected in the classrooms last semester (cases on campus were all traced to parties and frat houses). No infections among faculty, staff, or graduate students who do research on campus. I really don’t understand why the twice-weekly testing is necessary for everyone — is it to push us to go online because it’s so annoying to do it?


    1. It’s not necessary, and I have to say–speaking as a lab worker–that it’s a horrendous waste of reagent, swabs, and media. Let alone the lack of lab techs and the insane volume of tests they’re supposed to be able to process in a single day. We have the contracts for some sports teams that test every single day and we are so damn behind it’s not funny. The people working there absolutely hate it.


  2. Clarissa. Don’t despair. And don’t give up on us yet. The American People are stauncher than you know. We haven’t even begun to be challenged yet. We’ve been presented a “pandemic” that claims less than one third of one percent of those afflicted (as opposed to a truly deadly pandemic plague like the Black Death that killed a third of the population, not merely a third of those infected) that doesn’t even register on the annual calculation of overall deaths or lessen the average age of death due to the fact that it generally takes only the very elderly and those with significant comorbidities, people who were dying anyway, in other words.. “COVID 19” is a virus of the mind and not the body, is the point. This is a pandemic of propagandistic nonsense, not a serious health crisis, and most people are waking up to that fact. Refuse to be manipulated. You don’t have to react violently, you just have to refuse to obey their absurd ridiculous dictats. And we will, believe me. They are shredding their authority before our eyes. Turn to God. You are Orthodox. Go to the liturgy. If you must, go to a good synagogue instead. Stand with us. Those who refuse to surrender our salvific self-sacrificial mythos to the vulgar power besotted satanists. Be kind, be faithful, be merciful, be just. Be pessimistic, but never surrender your hope. The messiah has already come, and he by his own self sacrifice has already won. We must simply trust, obey and follow him. Peace. Trust. Hope. Love. The victory that is his is ours. Never despair.


    1. Dear CRC, thank you for your beautifully uplifting prose. “The victory that is His is ours.” Wow!

      In my small corner of the world, I have decided to mock and make fun of the obsessive case counting Henny Pennys though prolific reference to Sesame Street’s Count von Count.

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      1. Two COVID deaths in my county today. A woman in her 100s and a man in his 80s. Every death is sad and I’m sure they leave heartbroken relatives. But how is this situation helped by forcing me and my students to communicate through a screen while sitting on the same campus? Our positivity rate on campus this week is 0%. This is down from 0,3% last week. Yet people behave like we are about to face the Blitz. We need to hunker down! Survive!


        1. “Every death is sad and I’m sure they leave heartbroken relatives.”

          The Count von Counts hardly ever mention these real deaths -since they are miniscule relative to the rate of infection- and show little to no compassion for those left behind.

          All they care about are their very scary ginormously huge case counts, dire warnings of overflowing hospital ICUs, and the threat of painful ventilator death employed to justify their mad policy of quarantining the healthy. Worse than that, many of these actual COVID-related deaths are the direct responsibility of the public health morons failing to protect the vulnerable aged and health compromised victims as they are preoccupied with the logistics of their clownishly stupid lockdowns.

          Batty bat!!


    1. I’m finding it hard to follow my own advice, it’s true. My mental health is uncommonly strong these days but still seeing what’s happening comes at a cost. I still believe that the best way to proceed is to develop Soviet-style cynicism where people cared about nothing but their material comfort and personal advancement. But it’s so hard! Everything in me resists accepting this impoverished existence.


      1. I don’t think it’s right to give up the fight so soon. Of course, I don’t begrudge those who go that route for self-protection, especially if they have children. But it would be good if people at least tried to stop this rather than immediately giving up. Of course, one has to be strategic about it.


  3. As someone from a Western nation outside the US, I don’t see what is so surprising about any of this. The USA is the nation that went along with its own politicians starting fake wars based on weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist, that invaded a whole country because a single alleged terrorist had lived there, whose population then watched billions upon billions of dollars be wasted along with the lives of its young military men and women.

    If a nation like the US is happy to deceive the whole population to justify a war that makes money, then why wouldn’t it deceive the population about some testing regime or other to make some money? Money is money, it all spends the same either way.


    1. “the nation that went along with its own politicians starting fake wars based on weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist… whose population then watched billions upon billions of [pounds] be wasted along with the lives of its young military men and women.”

      You’re talking about Tony Blair and the UK, right??


        1. Just leave all the ‘we’re so absolutely morally superior to the Americans’ preening to the Canadians, eh? Nobody in the world is better at it than us.

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