You Suck Worse

The Woke Revolution and the COVID Revolution (which are two sides of the same coin) really improved my self-esteem.

I always thought we, the Soviet people, were particularly stupid to accept our leftist totalitarianism. I felt deep shame to be part of a culture that ran around chanting woke slogans and obeying ridiculous, humiliating rules that infantilized and debased us.

But now I’m thinking, hey, it took a civil war, then an organized famine, then a genocide, then another organized famine, and another genocide to turn us into pathetic weaklings who mouthed woke dogmas and were afraid of moving a finger or taking a breath without a specific command.

Americans, on the other hand, are abjectly obedient to every woke hustler and every COVID mini-dictator without any of that. Us, we had to be genocided into the ground to turn into what Americans have turned themselves eagerly and obediently.

Yes, we sucked.

But you, my friends, suck harder.

7 thoughts on “You Suck Worse”

  1. To be fair, they’ll still have to do the mass incarceration/famine/whatevercide (can you call it genocide when it’s not directed at a cohesive racial group?). Not all of us are go-along-to-get-along types. We just haven’t got there yet. One idly wonders if we could pre-emptively embargo the cities. Truck drivers have already proven willing to turn down routes that take them into cities like Minneapolis, where police are muzzled.

    It is disheartening to see just how effective the takeover of the teachers’ colleges in the 70s was. I’m not sure I know anyone under 40, educated in the public school system, who has any grasp of how American government works. They know we have a President and a Congress. They have no clue how Congress actually works, what role the Supreme Court plays, how the military is connected to any of that, and once you get down to the state level… nothing. They have no idea what a state legislature is, or what a state constitution is for. There’s only the Governor. Forget American history. All they got was a vague feeling that the founding of the country was Evil, there was slavery, and a smattering of ethnic-minority celebrities whose stories were told in such a tedious way that they were instantly forgotten.

    I’m not sure how you come back from that, really.


    1. In the USSR we had two TV channels and a few newspapers. All of them transmitted constant propaganda. But nobody believed it. I don’t remember a single person who actually believed any of it. Why do Americans so easily believe the most fantastical lies? Why is there such blind obedience to authority?

      The people who are breaking the idiotic rules about playdates and indoor gatherings with me are all immigrants. Western Europeans, Eastern Europeans, Africans, South Americans – all think this is ridiculous and don’t obey. If there are any Americans willing to question this, I haven’t met them.

      Students constantly ask questions about COVID in class but any honest answer – that the US isn’t anywhere #1 in the world in terms of mortality, for example – disorients them completely. It’s on Google. It’s easy to find. But people aren’t even prepared to Google for themselves.


      1. Americans never experienced wars on soil, have not had to “survive” and rise above invasive attacks like the old continent Europe has under its belt. So maybe people here have not developed that type of discernment to weed out propaganda. On the other hand I fear some Americans go along with it because it fits the narrative they want to believe or their lifestyle. However, it would seem that at least 74 million Americans did not buy into everything they were told about the pandemic or similar notions shoved down our throats, and as methylethyl pointed out many are resisting on all levels. Besides being knowledgeable about this country’s history and proud of its constitution is seemingly evading many americans.


      2. Among my family and people I know IRL, almost nobody trusts the news. Not even FOX– have you seen how much their viewership tanked after the election? Part of it is where one lives (my county voted 70% for Trump– there is no corporate news outlet that represents our interests), part of it is the inevitable self-selection for people who are willing to leave their houses. A skewed sample. But not a small one.


    2. I like your thoughts. We are not alone in our thinking. I take seriously my place in my corner of the world to make it brighter. I study history (something I did not learn in school) and I enjoy talking to and educating others. We can only control ourselves–not others. But we can share our ideas (at least until the leftist demagogues win). I write of history often in my columns – of heroism and sacrifice. And I help everyone I meet to the best of my ability. It feels small–after all, I am only one person–but people tell me I do make a difference.
      I have read much on collectivization and the reason I read this blog is because Clarissa writes from her Ukraine history. I know a pastor from Ukraine who wants his congregation to follow all the health mandates and mask laws blindly. He says, “trust the government!” He is foolish and I have told him so. I sincerely appreciate this blog because otherwise I would think I was crazy. I’m not. There are many free thinkers still and we need to encourage each other.
      I write all of that to say–we can come back from it if we “rise up” and reject the ideology. Just keep speaking truth to everyone you meet. Keep trying to engage in free dialogue in your corner of the world. Encourage others to speak truth too. I am following Jodi Shaw on Twitter on her journey to expose and confront the poisonous racial narratives at Smith College. Take note, Clarissa – one persons voice holds great sway! And when someone stands up to speak–we must encourage them.
      I am taking a stand in my corner of society. I encourage all of you to do the same. I come here for solidarity. But maybe at some point we can all meet up and just weep/or celebrate. Thank you for reading this absurdly long train of thought.


    1. A bunch of states decriminalized every drug in this election. It’s now legal to inject heroin but not to go to church or take your kids to the playground. Comedy is dead because you don’t get more ridiculous than this.


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