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By the way, those who are interested in the harm of transing children might find this new book interesting. I don’t believe I will have time to read this because I don’t anticipate it telling me anything I don’t already know but it looks valuable.

One thought on “Book Recommendation”

  1. “The very existence of trans children lends support to their claim that people are born with a sense of gender identity, that sometimes a male brain develops in a female body and vice versa.”

    It’s funny, I’m probably the one person who reads this blog who (somewhat) agrees with this (I think it’s likely that for the average transsexual, it’s an inborn neurological disorder akin to phantom limb syndrome; however, at this point these people are a minority of trans-identified people.) But even I am very irritated that no debate is allowed on the issue. These are propositions, not settled fact. Another little discussed downside of this stifling of discussion is that trans people have no idea where someone stands on things if people can’t express their real views. This leads to a general feeling of distrust and fear, which I think is part of the point. I think LGBT people as a whole struggle with this now to some degree, but it’s most intense for trans people. As a whole, trans activism seems specially designed to inflict maximum harm on the trans people it claims to fight for.

    Maybe I’m remembering with rose colored glasses, but I remember there being an understanding during the gay marriage fight that there would be debates and that while that might sometimes be unpleasant, that’s just the reality of living in a democracy. Not that opponents weren’t often dismissed as “bigots,” but there was a begrudging acceptance that they exist and that persuasion is necessary to win political battles. Now it seems that everyone is expected to instantly go along with what activists say, no debate, no discussion. Even if I entirely agreed with activist demands (I don’t), I have a real problem with this.

    Anyway, I might read this book if I get the motivation, but tbh I tend to tire of the trans debate very quickly.


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