COVID Debate of the Day

I’ve noticed that people only want to talk about COVID, so here goes.

Everybody is wearing masks. Masks have apparently defeated the flu because there’s no flu season this year. Mask compliance is 97% in San Francisco and NY, 96% in Miami and Philly, 95% in Chicago.

Why aren’t masks stopping COVID?

I know the answer but I wonder what the official explanation is.

11 thoughts on “COVID Debate of the Day”

  1. I believe the official explanation continues to be that we are not masking long enough or hard enough. Even though mask compliance is close to 96% in various places.

    What I don’t get is who are the chumps who are still swallowing this official explanation.


    1. “we are not masking long enough or hard enough”

      Can’t be public health’s fault because, well “science.” Can’t be nature’s fault because, well, “science.”

      So, by the process of elimination, it’s your fault, you good for nothing bunch of miserable, deplorable plebs with your non-stop patronization of small businesses and your superstitious obsession with religious worship! (and did we forget to mention Orange Man Bad?)


  2. If 20% of people taking public transportation wear masks on their chin, with uncovered nose, it’s not called wearing a mask. I am on a bus now and very unhappy imagining traveling back during rush hour. 😦


    1. I’m in the US, though. Here people are extremely obedient to authority. It’s cultural. I haven’t been on public transportation but everywhere else everybody is extremely serious about the darn masks.

      One lady pulled hers down on the airplane when I was flying back from Florida and was swiftly removed.

      It’s all theater, of course, but everybody takes it very seriously. People are very earnest around here.


  3. That’s my issue with facemasks as well—that it’s SO EASY to slip one on and off, how is anything that simple and ritualistically perfunctory a serious panacea in “dealing with a serious pestilence”?


  4. I gotta admit, I am into masks. COVID or not, people are gross, touching their faces and sneezing and coughing with wild abandon. Anything that stops undergrads from wiping their noses then touching stuff in my office or sneezing/coughing in my face from the first row all winter long is a good thing. (Then again, I’m not a touchy-feely person and love the physical distancing we’ve had going on. Even in the best of times, the only people I want in my physical proximity are my kids and husband.)


    1. Flu and SARS particles are similar in size (about 100 nm). Both are distributed inside water droplets that are about 5 microns in size. That’s like 100 meters (or about 100 yards) inside 5 kilometers (or about 3 miles).


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