Freakout Generation

My experiences as an administrator and an infrequent visitor on Facebook during COVID taught me that Boomers are the best generation. The kids are great, too.

The suckiest, whiniest, most annoying generation is mine. Schools would all be open if it weren’t for Gen-Xers. I don’t know a single person 60+ years of age who’s stayed locked up since March. Every 70-year-old I know is at work, with grandkids, at the gym, at the salon, or traveling somewhere. I see my 70-year-old friends a lot more often than my 40-year-old ones. Everybody under 30 and over 60 is at work.

Time to stop calling us Gen-X and call us the freakout generation.

8 thoughts on “Freakout Generation”

  1. Boomers voted in politicians who borrowed money to subsidise Boomer lifestyles and hand the debt to Generation X. Their favourites are the grandkids, the Millennials, or babies of the Boomer family, who the Boomers have decided should inherit the money that they made using debt that Generation X is paying for.

    Generation X is the group of people who subconsciously understands that it has no friends, that the parents will throw them under the bus (again) should they get COVID, while their Millennial kids/younger siblings will abandon them/recommend that they be turned into Soylent Green or used to do drug experiments on for a dollar because the internet bill is due and their total savings are five bucks.

    I agree that Generation X should be renamed though. Something like Generation F is much more fitting because that’s what they’ve gotten their whole lives. F’ed.


  2. I don’t know. I walk quite regularly on the hiking trails in my area and the only hikers or bikers who I see wearing masks are Boomers and Millennials. I know quite a few Boomers who are paralyzed due to the plague and had been staying at home since March. Also, I know two Millennial moms whose kids haven’t had a playdate since March. One thing the Moms have in common though is Biden signs on their lawns.

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    1. My experience coincides with yours. Out hiking, the only ones masking are old and millenials (and younger, down to teenagers). Notable exceptions are young families. The teachers’ union that is calling the shots on school openings is run by boomers and their millenials heirs holding the rest of us hostage to who knows what. The only families that I know who don’t come to church, don’t have playmates, etc. are all millenials. I’m in between genx and millenials and my cohort are all living our lives as normally as possible. We are just quieter about it because we live in an area where people will harass you for nonconformity to the party line. There aren’t a lot of Biden signs here because it is assumed that anyone who isn’t brain dead is anti-trump.
      The boomers in my life are split in their responses but there is no moderation there either way. Navigating those relationships has been a real treat.


  3. Oh, I know some over 60 people who are very scared. It’s of the post-covid effects. Like my grandfather, getting over rheumatic fever but having it weaken his heart such that he had that as a permanent problem and died young because of it. There are apparently permanent lung issues you can get from COVID.


  4. I fall right exactly between genX and Millenial. I don’t identify with either of them. But if anything, I’ve found my genX acquaintances far less compliant and comfortable with the whole COVID lockdown thing than the millenials I know. Can’t be punk rock if you’re going along with The Man, or something…


  5. Now there’s word out that the officials are suggesting closing down the physical stores (“big box” stores, as they so call them now), that they’ve “been found to be a major spreader of COVID-19”.
    If they were to do so that would be devastating for those of us who can’t afford our own internet service (dependent on either WI-FI or public libraries for internet connections) and, even if we could, would not be willing to pay extra for the Al Capone-style online “protection money” racket sites like LifeLock and Norton security just to guard against hackers and identity thieves (after being extorted into having to “do everything online” by a most unaccommodating system of businesses and government agencies).


  6. Gen X here. Some of my cohort think and others follow blissfully. A few others complain in private and agree publicly.


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