I know somebody who used to adjunct at a community college while homeschooling her 5 kids. Now she’s adjuncting at 4 colleges while homeschooling her 5 kids.

What suddenly made her so much more effective and her day so much more elastic?

Hmm… I’ll let you guess.

5 thoughts on “Elastic”

  1. A parody (or not?):

    Rehabilitation for Vice Bloggers

    Transcript is here:

    “I see sexism… racism in comedy… and minority that needs my help.”
    “This is literally an apple.”

    After leaving Vice, a lot of bloggers have trouble reactivating in a normal society.

    “I see a victim.. It’s another victim…”
    “So it’s a trailer..” – “Not enough women!” – “Let’s just watch it first.”

    So it’s my job as a therapist to help them get in touch with the person they once were.

    “Kinda interesting, the whole place is all white!” “OK, you know what, let’s sit you back down, let’s get you back down.”
    “I keep having this recurrent nightmare where… they need my help and I can’t help them without my Vice job!”
    “Who needs your help, Daniel?”
    “The Latinxes”.
    “Without blogging I lost my sense of purpose”.
    “You don’t work there anymore!”
    “I’m on a deadline!!”

    “I see a white devil, an appropriator…” – “This is your mother. Try to look past gender and race.” – “I need a break!”



  2. This is where automation in teaching seems to be going. One person being able to potentially teach thousands of students. I just wonder if this can truly really scale to more specialized college level classes, as opposed to lower level community college/ high school classes.

    I’m in absolute agreement that the teachers who readily accept this are basically training and quickening their replacement.


    1. It also doesn’t work. I presented at a conference a few years back about MOOCs, massive online courses. They had a success rate of something like 0,01%. That’s why after a huge initial enthusiasm these courses all died by 2012-13. Now they are resurging again but the result will be identical.


      1. The problem with MOOCs is that people don’t finish them because they take them for fun. You really have to have a lot of motivation to plow through to the end, even if the course is good. I signed up for a few of them at EdX. Most of them were not that great, so I gave up right away. There were two I really enjoyed but still did not finish them because life got in the way. But if you have to finish in time for a grade, you will. I know I would.

        This is what most of higher education will come to. The unis will outsource the general classes. They probably will come with a scheme to still charge something for credits even if you take a MOOK, while they will save a lot of money by unloading adjuncts and instructors and probably hire fewer faculty. And you will have very specialized courses in person with tenured/tenure track professors.


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