Remote Soup

Today I de-densified campus, as the administration is exhorting us to do, and stayed home to make chicken broccoli rice soup. It takes over 3 hours because I make my own chicken stock.

One department chair who is retiring soon and isn’t afraid of shitting on everybody’s online parade said that many faculty completely checked out and aren’t doing anything. Before, everybody at the very least showed up to the classroom and stayed there the required hours, even if they did nothing else. But now some people don’t show up to their “online classes” and just dump a bunch of PowerPoints online or show up for 10 minutes and then it’s class over.

I’m glad someone broke the conspiracy of silence about why we really choose “remote work.”

There’s no person on the planet who doesn’t cheat the employer at least a little bit if they can’t be caught.

OK, I’m back to working hard and saving liiiiiives as I snooze on the couch.

4 thoughts on “Remote Soup”

  1. This is true. I hope they don’t read your blog. And I hope the soup is yummy. Homemade stock is the best. One of my Chinese friends taught me soups for when we are sick and they all include homemade stock with mushrooms, herbs and Chinese vegetables. So, you probably are saving the world – one life at a time (with healthy soup)!


  2. But apparently if you insist on “synchronous” teaching (i.e. Zoom or Teams, rather than uploading powerpoints) you are a fascist oppressor because what if the students do not have wifi at home and rely on crappy data contracts, what if they are looking after three toddlers and two ancient aunties with Covid at the same time, what if they have “long Covid” and they aren’t physically able to get up before lunchtime.


    1. I have no idea how we managed to teach in-person classes for hundreds of years with all these problems. It’s like education was invented yesterday, and illnesses didn’t exist before COVID.


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