Sea of Disappointment

To give an example, I’m up for promotion. Why does it never occur to the people who are in charge of approving or denying my request for promotion that constantly sticking their support for certain political candidates might be unethical? What is the difference between that and me showing up in a MAGA hat to the midterm? I obviously would never do that but why does the other side never stop to think what effect they have?

If I’m forced to read your political slogan every time I speak to you or communicate by email AND you are my boss, how is that OK?

I’m not even mentioning that these are precisely the people who bleat the most about inclusion.

My sea of disappointment with the people who vote Dem is turning into an ocean.

3 thoughts on “Sea of Disappointment”

  1. Have you read Jonah Goldberg’s Tyranny of Cliches? What makes something a dominant ideology is precisely the ability to pretend that it is not an ideology.
    I am reminded of an incident years ago when I worked in a Haredi summer camp. I got into a conversation with a kid and evolution came up. I said something non-hostile, indicating that the issue might be more complicated than he had been led to believe. A counselor criticized me saying that we don’t engage in ideology here. I responded that in a camp like this, there is nothing that is not ideological.


  2. They probably feel self-righteous, supported by MSM and the propaganda. That in itself becomes a deterrent to entertaining any thought that others might have differing viewpoints. Inclusiveness is employed when it conveniently fits the narrative.


  3. The short answer to your questions is that you are dealing with a selfish and stupid person who is in a position of power above you that they are not fit for. The world is awash in these types in these positions, which is why so many jurisdictions across the planet are headed towards civil unrest and conflict.

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