The USSR Invented It

In the USSR, we knew things were bad.

And the authorities knew we knew it.

There was never enough to eat or wear. Everything was of a terrible quality. It was impossible to conceal this.

So the regime needed an explanation, right? Something to explain why everything was so shitty in the best country in the history of humanity.

The explanation was that the people were defective.

The ideology was great! Completely infallible. Things would have been perfect – tons of delicious food, no lines for milk at 6 am, no blue chickens of extraordinary skinniness, non-hideous clothes, shoes that don’t leak, and even enough shoe laces for everybody who needed them – if only, IF ONLY…

… yes, you guessed it.

If only people followed the rules.

That was the problem. The most perfect plan ever wasn’t working because some people kept breaking the rules. If only they just wore masks stayed home practiced social distancing did what they were told, we’d be in the Communist paradise already.

This strategy was useful in many different ways. Not only did it explain why things weren’t working but it also gave an excuse for punishing the undesirables. Anybody could be accused of NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES at any time. It was easy to get crowds to hound the bastard who was causing all the high case counts food shortages by disobeying.

Of course, only the dumb Soviet people would fall for this, right?

3 thoughts on “The USSR Invented It”

  1. Dunno if the USSR invented it. The idea of controlling people by emphasizing their inherent defectiveness and insisting they deserve all the shit befalling them has been used forever, for example in the concept of “original sin” and Adam+Eve being chased out of Eden. Also, every domestic abuser blames the abuse on the victim’s behavior. It seems that this extreme form of negging has been in use to coerce and manipulate since the dawn of time, in both political and intimate spheres.


  2. well, that’s why the abusers use it. It’s intuitive, after all. Even as toddlers, people can understand you can be punished for doing something. It takes virtually nothing to reverse that, and convince people that if they’re being punished, they must be doing something wrong. After all, it was something they knew when they were three!


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