We Were Right

So it turns out that Hunter Biden and Jim Biden actually are being investigated for corruption. Remember how Twitter banned The New York Post for publishing this story? How some people even here at the blog foamed at the mouth that this wasn’t true?


I wonder what else the sources that told you the Bidens aren’t ridiculously corrupt might be lying about.

Bernie supporters who voted for Biden because “at least he’s better than Trump,” feeling stupid yet?

16 thoughts on “We Were Right”

    1. TIME Magazine ALWAYS names the new President-elect its “Person of the Year” every single Presidential election year — (Trump in 2016, Obama in 2008, etc.) This was 100% predictable.

      And it’s 100% ridiculous by TIME’s own definition of the term (“the person who had the most influence, for good or ill, on the world during the past year). The new President is undoubtedly one of the most influential world figures while he’s in office — but during the election year, he did nothing but win an election!


  1. Why are they talking about it now? The obvious would be they censored damaging info in a timely manner before the election. But it might be that the “fix” is in and they know/secured SCOTUS will do nothing about the Texas lawsuit. Or they may be setting up the stage for Biden’s removal and replacement by Kamala. Am I being too suspicious?


        1. “Nobody likes Harris either”

          The media tech-digitocracy likes her. She’s obviously been their pick since last summer. Her awful debate performance and failure to convince anyone that she was a viable candidate didn’t stop that – they just realized they needed a stand-in (Biden) and a catspaw (democratic voters) to get her into office.


  2. Some good news:

    // Trump announces Israel, Morocco to normalize relations
    Both countries will open representations in Tel Aviv and Rabat, Morocco will grant overflights and direct flights to and from Israel; U.S. will recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara; Kushner says Israel-S.Arabia normalization ‘inevitable’

    Following U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement of official diplomatic ties between Israel and Morocco, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday said that “there will be a very warm peace” with the African nation.

    PM thanks Trump and Moroccan king, noting the strong bond between Israel’s Moroccan Jewry and the African nation as ‘living bridge’ between the countries; both nations to open mutual liaison offices and establish direct flights


    1. This is brilliant news. I was just talking about this with my Dad.

      I saw on Twitter a photo of a large menorah in the middle of Dubai. Such a wonderful sight.

      At Klara’s school they started learning about Hanukkah, even though there’s only one Jewish kid. It’s really great.


    1. Ye gads. Soviet parenting just never dies.

      So yeah, you are right to feel repelled. In a normal relationship, there’s no need for a memorandum. You don’t suddenly erupt into cheers of “you are beautiful! You are wonderful!” a decade and a half into the process. And if you do, I’ve got to ask, where were you this whole time until now?

      A relationship is a process. You can’t come out with a set of rules that define everything once and for all. It’s ridiculous.

      A relationship between same-sex parent and child tends to get tense at around this age. It’s normal, everybody goes through it. That’s not resolved through incantations but through daily, patient effort of understanding another person.

      Mom needs a therapist or, better yet, an intense sex life.


      1. // You don’t suddenly erupt into cheers of “you are beautiful! You are wonderful!” a decade and a half into the process. And if you do, I’ve got to ask, where were you this whole time until now?

        Actually, I was repelled by the feeling of lack of love for the daughter.

        There are internal inconsistencies too: “В твоей комнате мы сделаем свою спальню” VS ” У тебя есть дом. Что бы ни случилось в твоей жизни, я буду рядом, если тебе это нужно.”

        And this: “Рожай детей, если сможешь вырастить их одна.” A preparation for single motherhood? I thought both parents were supposed to share the burdens (and the rewards).

        “Берись за проект, если вытянешь его без коллег.” ? In programming, many people work on large projects.

        It’s like a twisted version of American, Ayn Rand phylosophy coming to FSU. I say ‘twisted’ since it’s a reimagined by FSU people model of what Americans believe in and how Americans behave. Feels kind of inauthentic for FSU.


        1. But that’s precisely what I’m saying. The lady does protest too much. There’s a clear aggression against the daughter – which is very normal at this age – but instead of realizing it and dealing with it calmly, the mom is trying to make it fit some weird ideology.


      2. On this subject, I have a little anecdote.

        Klara recently informed me that she and Colin (the boy she is going to marry) will move into our basement when they grow up because this will make it easier for me to burp their babies whenever needed. She urged me to give Colin’s mother our address so she knows where to move his stuff.

        This is good upbringing. 🙂


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