It’s interesting how extraordinarily civilized Trump supporters are. They protest peacefully, seek legal remedy in court, everything is completely calm and legal.

The Biden supporters, in the meantime, burn cities for months, murder, assault, rob, and destroy. Of course, not every Biden voter enjoys this kind of thing but not the entire police force was present at the George Floyd incident. And that didn’t seem to matter.

I’m glad I’m not with the violent, angry, dictatorial crowd. It’s better to lose with good people than to win with the BLM.

32 thoughts on “Civilized”

  1. Was counting the seconds until people started saying this out loud:

    It is a Thing in Texas now and then, and may blow over. But IMO, now that SCOTUS has turned down the lawsuit, there are a lot more people than usual thinking along those lines. Not sure how seriously to take it, but it seems prudent to keep an eye on it. It’s in the air.

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      1. If I were living in Illinois, I’d have a 3-day bag packed for everyone in the family, a full gas tank, and a good road atlas in the car. Just like we do for hurricane season.


    1. “a Thing in Texas now and then, and may blow over”

      The idea has never completely disappeared in Texas or ever really been strong enough to take seriously before, but… analyses from a a few years ago were saying that if neoliberalism wasn’t stopped (and nothing this year has done anything but accelerate it) then it could tear the country apart. All but unthinkable just a few years ago and now…. seems kind of not the craziest idea out there.

      I remember reading soviet magazines (in English) at my university library in the early to mid 1980s including one devoted to Ukraine (with a catchy Soviet title like “Ukraine”). The constant mentions of the eternal and indivisible nature of the Union and Ukraine’s place it it made me realize (subconsciously more than consciously) that maybe things weren’t so… stable there.

      So when these things happen… they often happen faster than anyone imagined….


      1. “now…. seems kind of not the craziest idea out there.”

        Exactly. Normally, when TX makes those noises, the rest of us kind of roll our eyes and say, patronizingly, “Oh, Texas!” and chortle. I’m not seeing that now, so I’m keeping a close eye on it. I don’t think it’ll happen, but suddenly, it doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility, and if that fuse blows, things could shift rapidly, and have very far-reaching effects.


        1. Oracle (the company) is leaving CA for TX. It’s hilarious how these bastards ruin a beautiful state, move to another one, and start ruining it in an identical way.



            “Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison’s decision to host a fundraiser for Donald Trump on Wednesday has awakened the usually passive workforce at his company, angering some employees who are going public with their disgust over Ellison’s actions.”

            “The Oracle employees’ reaction reflects how toxic Trump remains in Silicon Valley — and the ire that top tech executives can draw when they align themselves with the president. And it’s revealing that it’s happening at Oracle, which employees say has a conservative culture that has not been touched by the current bouts of workforce activism sweeping major tech companies.”

            “But Oracle, from C-suite on down, is basically the anti-Google, some current and former employees say. Politics rarely comes up in the office. And there is very limited cross-team communication on internal forums about political matters; plus, employees are concerned that any posts critical of management would be monitored.”

            “He is a huge, huge liberal Democrat,” said this person. They described Ellison, a registered Democrat, as having been “so proud of the fact that he was one of the few [Fortune 100] CEOs who didn’t put greed before everything.”

            “Larry looked down on Republicans of all stripes — especially the conservative evangelical ones,” the person said. “This Trump stuff makes no sense.”


    2. This is just doom porn. Texas has always had some lawmaker or another with these ideas.

      What some people fail to realize is this is not a Democrat vs Republican thing, or even liberal vs conservative. This is primarily a Rural vs Urban divide. If Texas wants to secede because Biden won the election, then they’ll have to fight against all of their major metropolitan areas such as Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, etc. that went for Biden. Trump did not win a single major metropolitan area in Texas.


      1. We all have our own standards for assessing threats: depends a lot on what you’ve lived through, and how fragile or robust you perceive the veneer of comfortable civilized life around you to be.


          1. Unless you live in East St Louis where Biden voters increased murder rates dramatically within just a few months because apparently it entertains them to see black people get slaughtered.


          2. I wonder if Hong Kong citizens would agree with you, since you are referring to the planet. Similarly, New Yorkers (other metropolitan cities) and their defunded police, Greeks under IMF, Taiwanese living in fear of the future, Belarusians, etc.

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          3. I’m glad your life has been so genial. And I mean that. May you always be so blessed that you never have to find out firsthand how dreadfully fragile modern infrastructure, peaceful coexistence, and human life really are.

            It was only two years ago that we drove over 100 miles to buy gas cans and a chainsaw, armed ourselves, and headed into town to cut our way into my sister’s neighborhood and extract her from her destroyed house. No emergency services were available, there were no functioning utilities (including sewage– you need electricity for the lift stations), no cel towers, and the neighborhood delinquents and addicts were buzzing around the place on stolen ATVs. That is, the ones who weren’t smoking pot in the yard next door watching us work, and cursing us for clearing a path that would let the police access the neighborhood.

            Fragile. Everything that makes our lives so comfortable is dreadfully, dreadfully fragile. All of those things are exceptionally abnormal, in the long context of human history. They are not the default setting.

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  2. How about losing to the crowd that stands for the new green deal, 3 billion to Paris Accord, lifting tarifs to China (250 billion), 25% to NATO, outsourcing to China, etc? In the end, GDP will be negatively impacted, bringing the US down from #1 spot.

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      1. Americans are spoiled by their good fortune. They have no idea what it’s like not to be the world’s superpower and be completely dependent on what larger, more important players on the world arena do. It looks like they want to have that experience, and their new leaders are here to oblige.


        1. So very true. I do not think they realized what is at play. To the dems, it has been Orange Man Bad and getting him out. To their party representatives, it was about milking financially any foreign entity in exchange for data access, with no concern or love for this country. Will people, regardless of party, be vigilant and observant enough to note what will be transpiring in the coming months/years?


    1. I think that the supporters of a candidate whose party terrorized the whole country with riots for months don’t have much standing to be this condescending, don’t you think? Murder rates around the country are through the roof thanks to you, folks. Maybe a little introspection is in order?


              1. It’s been over for me since the summer. Hasn’t stopped me from accomplishing anything that I’ve wanted to accomplish. I’m just properly wearing a mask and keeping away from old people, everything else is out of my control until a vaccine.


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