Wishing Well

I really wish Bernie had been appointed president instead of Biden. He would have selected this very same transition team of techie lackeys and military hawks. Maybe then somebody would start getting it.

5 thoughts on “Wishing Well”

  1. I don’t think it would’ve been the same team. Bernie genuinely dislikes Big Tech execs and wouldn’t be appointing them. Instead, he’d be appointing “progressives” who happen to perfectly serve Big Tech’s agenda, like Ro Khanna. Bernie has good intentions but he doesn’t understand what we’re facing here. I’m pretty far to your left economically and much less enthusiastic about the right and conservatism, but I still find myself unsure if I would’ve voted for Bernie in the general. Probably not, considering lockdown.


  2. In certain areas Bernie would be better, in others he would be way worse. I still remember him literally getting bullied off stage by a BLM activist and not doing anything about it. It was absolutely disgraceful.

    One thing I give Trump credit for is his foreign policy. The fact that he kept us out of another war is not talked about enough. For all his faults, his foreign policy was mostly on point.


    1. That’s exactly the moment when I realized Bernie was done and I couldn’t support him again. This was a symbolic moment that showed the complete evisceration of the pro-worker part of the Democrats in favor of the rich, snooty hustlers.


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