Dr Jill

The problem with Jill Biden isn’t what she calls herself. The real problem is that she has a doctorate in education yet she has said absolutely nothing about how horrible school closures are. I despise her for that.

She could call herself Her Majesty the Queen of the Galaxy and I’d be her fan if she used her utterly undeserved fame to speak against the most damaging education policy in forever.

It’s not about the form. It’s about the substance.

On the specific subject of using the Doctor honorific for people with PhDs, it’s sad that people with education PhDs have damaged our system of education so badly that almost nobody knows the history of the honorific “Doctor,” where it comes from, what the Latin word it derives from means, and a lot of other things that constitute our shared cultural patrimony.

Here’s a small thread on this subject that explains it well.

But yes, Jill Biden is supremely annoying. I hope to God this is the last time I have to say anything about her.

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