From TDS to BDS

Here’s a little test. Is calling Jill Biden “Dr” more appalling than calling Jordan Peterson that? They both have non-medical degrees, both of their fields are… erm, not too serious, both seem utterly impotent in these fields, neither can help a person dying of a heart attack on an airplane.

How about Dr Martin Luther King Jr?

You can’t mock people who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome if you begin to imitate them.

And what’s with the airplane heart attack memes? When was anybody even on an airplane last? Isn’t out real problem that we can’t travel like we used to and our lives are being stolen from yes, yet we sit here like trained monkeys, responding to every fake controversy instead of concentrating on the actual problem?

2 thoughts on “From TDS to BDS”

  1. Leave Dr. King alone.
    The honorific helped bolster his friends and helped make his enemies stop a moment.
    You came to an America that was better ~ less bad ~ because of his courage.
    You almost always make good points • 99.99%


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