Going in Circles

When people start getting vaccinated for COVID, they’ll obviously keep testing positive because the PCR test picks up the minutest traces of the viral load. As a result, vaccination will increase case numbers. And that will give further justification for lockdowns.

This only ends when we decide it ends.

23 thoughts on “Going in Circles”

  1. This is a never ending story. Now there is a news of a new virus variant from the UK and obviously no one knows whether the already developed vaccines will work (hint: likely they will not). The vaccines are going to be one big fiasco. My worry is that there will be a lot of pressure to take one and it will obviously not end there since no one knows how long the immunity will last. No vaccine(s) – no flights, no hotels, no work, no shopping, but of course you are completely free not to get one, you just have to live (or perhaps die) with the consequences! I have listened to a local news stations yesterday where an elected official was completely seriously discussing COVID immunization passports and how they are a good thing to compel a hesitant population to get immunized. This is one big experiment with us in the role of the guinea pigs.


    1. I don’t understand how anybody can seriously believe in a vaccine for a rapidly mutating flu-type virus. The idea is ridiculous.

      We have to start realizing that this doesn’t end with a vaccine or any of these ridiculous “metrics” that constantly change. First it was deaths, then cases, then positivity rates, then hospital occupancy… It never ends. Unless we get fed up and stop listening to these lies.


      1. It has been cleared to me that this will end once we’ve all gotten the virus and developed some form of antibody protection. Vaccines are only there to get us there quicker without increasing hospital utilization which, once again, is the metric to look at.


        1. Here’s the problem, though. How do you find out that herd immunity has been reached? Who will let you know? Where will you hear the news? Let’s remember that the owners of every single medium of news-getting are making record profits from the lockdowns.


          1. Once hospital utilization starts trending down, restrictions will be lifted and eventually removed altogether. Hospital data would be very hard to fake. This is not the Soviet Union where everything was centralized and easy to manipulate. There is also many other countries that have no interest in making American corporations more money.


            1. Egads. Hospital utilization trends upwards in every cold season. Guess what’s going to happen next November? Exactly what happens every November. Hospital occupancy will once again reach 95%. Because it always does. And here we go again.


            2. The hospitals (especially in the US) want to have beds that are highly utilized, otherwise, they would be unprofitable. Why would someone build a large facility to be empty? What is the normal utilization of hospital beds month-by-month and how it is now different during the pandemic? Is it higher or lower? And if it is higher, by how much? I do not hear anyone discussing these issues.

              Last year, there was a very nasty virus that was making rounds in my child’s daycare. All children, one by one, got very sick with high fevers. I had to take my child to urgent care at midnight after several days of being on antibiotics, it was so bad. I repeat – every single child in their age bracket got sick with this nasty thing. No one even batted an eye. There was no talk of any increased hand-washing, social distancing, or not mixing groups of children. Then, the daycare shut down for five full months for a virus that is known to be essentially harmless to children. I think if you are in one of the groups with a high probability of getting very sick with COVID, taking care to avoid large gatherings of people, not traveling, or getting a vaccine makes perfect sense. As a matter of fact, I support everyone’s right to social distance, work remotely, and take the vaccine. If you are worried about the virus, do take precautions! I am just not convinced it makes sense for all of us.

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              1. Back in the summer I read an article that many small hospitals went out of business because of under utilization. They were required to create huge COVID wards that stood empty while the fear mongered people did not show up to get regular treatments and diagnostic and postponed whatever procedures could be postponed.


            3. Do you seriously think hospital utilization will ever fall below these magic thresholds conjured up by the various governors? These thresholds are below normal utilization pre-covid. That’s never going to happen!


      2. There’s one born every minute. Plenty of folks believe in the flu vaccine, after all. I know a lady who lost a 5-months pregnancy after getting the swine flu vaccine. Wonder what we’ll find out after the fact about this vaccine…


          1. PCR ‘amplifies’ (produces many copies of) RNA or DNA fragments, so that they become chemically detectable. Apparently the main covid PCR test looks for viral RNA in a nose swab.

            The mRNA vaccines work by transporting an RNA transcript of the gene for the covid ‘spike’ protein, into human body cells. Those cells will then produce the spike protein, and the body will develop antibodies against it.

            So the main question may be, exactly which human tissues become the site of spike protein production? I haven’t run across the answer to that yet.


              1. I think that the people testing for the SARSCOV2 virus are smart enough to ask if the patient has been vaccinated before, so that we can separate positive results that may be false positives produced by vaccine administration, and the positive results from a person who has never had the vaccine.

                The number of people who will be either vaccinated or not vaccinated when a test is done will be quite large, which means that we should be able to track what is happening with both actual spread of the virus, and actual effectiveness of the vaccine, without getting everything mixed up.


              2. I love the royal “we.” 🙂 We can separate, we will be able to know.

                The idea that the same people who have been lying about so many things will just keep lying because it’s profitable doesn’t occur.


            1. @ mitchellporter: “So the main question may be, exactly which human tissues become the site of spike protein production? I haven’t run across the answer to that yet.”

              I think that there may be some confusion here.

              The way it works is that the virus is basically a blob of genetic material like RNA that is surrounded by an envelope of proteins, fats etc. They’re tiny little things that aren’t even alive. They’re just blobs of RNA and proteins that can react with other proteins/cells etc if they come into contact with them.

              The human cell, on the other hand, is a huge structure that has an outer membrane that is covered in various structures like receptors, channels, complexes of different proteins/glycoproteins etc etc. On the inside of a cell is a watery substance that reactions can happen in, along with storage spaces like vacuoles, protein factories like ribosomes, assembly plants like the golgi apparatus, and of course a blob of genetic material (DNA) that sends out small partial copies of itself as instructions on what to build/do called mRNA a bit like carrier pigeons.

              What happens when a virus is introduced into the human body is that it floats around a bit like a cork on ocean waves until a reactive part of it – like a spike protein – comes into contact with something on the outside of a human cell that will react with it – like an ACE2 receptor complex. Once that happens, the virus fuses with the cell membrane as if someone welded it on, and then the inside of the virus containing the RNA is injected into teh watery stuff inside the cell.

              Then, the genetic material that was just injected into the cell starts interacting with other cell components to produce a biological reaction, and to reprogram the cell so that the cell makes lots of copies of the virus that it squirts back into the blood/fluids so that other cells can be infected. Last, the infected cell usually dies, or is destroyed by your immune system.

              Spike proteins similar to those on the virus are very uncommon in the human body, because human cells do not try to jab a spike protein into any other human cell so as to get into them or take them over like a virus does. Human cells generally coexist nicely with each other because they already have their own little protein factories, storage spaces etc inside of them and don’t need any other cell to do any work for them.

              One of the few exceptions to that is in reproduction, where, according to my reading that I have not triple checked so do not quote me until I do, a spike protein somewhat similar to that on viruses is used by human cells when the placenta attaches to the side of the uterine wall right at the beginning of pregnancy. How that happens, I’m not sure, because I’m still reading.

              That spike protein, allegedly, can be affected by some vaccines that target spike protein components, which is why some people are very nervous about this vaccine and pregnancy or miscarriage.

              Anyway, completely separately to that, every cell that is infected by the virus becomes a giant photocopier for the virus that reproduces all of the proteins of it, which means that the answer to your question “exactly which human tissues become the site of spike protein production?” is “infected tissues”.


              1. By the way, the Nobel prize winning inventor of the PCR says it was never intended to be used as a diagnostic tool.

                The only reason why it’s so widely used is precisely because it labels so many non-infectious people as “cases.”


              2. @Just George thanks for the explanation. It seems once this vaccine mRNA is unleashed it never leaves the body. Wouldn’t the cells keep churning these spike proteins out endlessly? What would turn that off? Also I have read documents that show this virus was never properly isolated. That’s very off to me. And a further speculation from some quarters that the virus appearance is identical to a cell product called an “exosome” which is a cell structure that removes toxins from the cells. Curious for your thoughts on all of the above.


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