No Travel for the Vaccinated

As was previously announced:

It’s getting really funny at this point.

10 thoughts on “No Travel for the Vaccinated”

  1. It would be funny if this were a movie or a nice novel I can read to relax. I don’t quite appreciate being one of the disposable characters in this story.

    Let me sum this up:
    1. The vaccine is > 90% effective and everyone should be obligated to take it for common good
    2. You can still get the virus and infect others when you get vaccinated and should obey all masking and social distancing rules
    3. No one knows for how long a person is immune after getting vaccinated (we are sure about 2 months right now?)
    4. No one knows whether it will work on a mutated virus
    5. It will take until July (8 months) to vaccinate everyone
    6. New strains of the virus are appearing as we speak
    7. Lockdown forever

    By the way, this piece of news made me laugh. How noble:


  2. Clearly, that person was not one of the Nobility. they, of course, can still travel anywhere they like and go to fancy restaurants etc. The rest of us peons should live our whole lives within 50 miles of where we were born, though. It’s amazing how much the future looks like 200 years ago.


    1. As long as we can work I can live with not traveling. In the awful context of all this mess which should stop immediately of course.


  3. So clearly the vaccine has another purpose since it appears to be useless at stopping spread of the disease.
    Sterilizing the population seems to be a possibility according to a former Pfizer head researcher.


    1. I think it’s not unlikely, given how obsessed these people are with climate change. Their desire to make sure there aren’t that many people is well-documented.


  4. Using logic, if you can’t trust your public officials to know what they’re doing while no one seems to have any confidence in this vaccine, it might be best to simply stay away from other people as best as possible and reduce other infection risks as sensibly as possible eg by maintaining good hygiene.

    …wait. I’ve heard this somewhere before.


    1. “Using logic”

      Using logic quickly leads to the conclusion that almost nothing in the mass media about what’s going on is accurate. It’s possible to come up with a number of hypotheses but we don’t have the possibility to really test them.

      None of the hypotheses really lead to a highly contagious virus with a very high fatality rate (apart from the already severely health compromised).

      What is clear is that those who should be in the know… don’t seem very concerned, is this because they have better access to care? because they’re stupid? because they know something they don’t want hoi polloi to know?

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