A New Society

So in Quebec – get this! – schools and daycares get closed again, restaurants, gyms, salons, non-chain stores, everything is closed.

The fines for having somebody over at your house – even the grandma – are in the thousands. But from every fine you produce by ratting out your neighbors you get 10%. A $5,000 fine brings you five hundred bucks, nothing to sneeze at.

This is the kind of society our oligarchy wants.

Of course, Quebec is very left-wing do it’s easy to do this.

5 thoughts on “A New Society”

  1. ” A $5,000 fine brings you five hundred bucks … the kind of society our oligarchy wants”

    I was going to say “Neosoviet” but it’s more like “Neo East German”…


  2. As I am sure you are aware, the totalitarian endpoint of all this is to make sure that no one trusts their neighbors. I can assume that if some official waived $500 at my neighbors, who I do not really know in the first place, they would rat me out. The irony of this is that in this isolated world, the only person I am going to trust is the dear leader I see on my television screen every evening.
    There is a Japanese novel from the 90s called Battle Royale where kids are put on an island and made to kill each other (basically a really bloody Hunger Games). At one point the villain explains that the point of this exercise is that people will see the winner who might as well be the kid next door and they will realize that their neighbors would kill them in a heartbeat. The only solution, therefore, is to trust the totalitarian government that was responsible for this in the first place.


    1. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. I was raised religious in a regime that despised religion. I was taught since being very little never to tell anyone, including my little friends, what we do on Sunday mornings. Always come up with an excuse for why you can’t do one thing or another during that time. I still remember the fear I felt meeting one of my teachers on the way to church. People informed on each other. The difference is that there is nowhere to run this time. At that time, you at least had some illusion of a “free world” out there somewhere.


  3. Not sure where in Canada, but somewhere else, saw it noted that some homeless shelters had been closed down because they couldn’t manage the proper social distancing. So apparently they’ve also decided that the risk of someone catching COVID is worse than the certainty of homeless people getting frostbite.

    My mental image of Canadians as Nice People is getting shredded.


  4. This reeks of grade school and tattle-tales and teacher’s pets
    …or of parents favoring one off-spring over another, always the one who sucks up to them and echoes their parents’ viewpoints and opinions.


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