COVID Photo of the Day

OK, now I’m really creeped out:

What’s in that vaccine that they are trying so hard to push it on us?

12 thoughts on “COVID Photo of the Day”

  1. So a vaccine that takes a month to take effect and then doesn’t even prevent you from getting or spreading the virus…. they’re just fucking with us now… seeing how gullible people are so they can plan whatever comes next…

    For whatever reason those pavilions remind me of the movie Soylent Green… (anyone who saw the movie knows which scene).
    I wonder if they play Peter and Wolf while showing nature movies…


      1. They are totally yanking people’s chains… and ridiculing them….

        A month to take effect and doesn’t prevent you from getting the virus or spreading it and the beneficial effects, such as they are, will last…. two months? And the CEO of the company is in no hurry to even pretend to take it?

        Not buying it. It’s theater and I’m not interested in the show.


      1. That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Sometimes I’m asking myself whether I died and I’m now in some sort of bizzaro after life.


        1. Thank you for saying that. I was never much for conspiracy theories, but what is presented to us by the mainstream media is even less believable. Or, I may just be slowly losing my mind…


          1. Ditto. I have always come down on the “don’t attribute to malice what could be caused by incompetence” and “anything with more than three people involved is impossible to keep secret” and think that people who buy into conspiracy stuff mostly want the reassurance that someone, somewhere, is in charge, and there’s a plan. Even if it’s an evil plan. It absolves them of responsibility.

            But lately I am keeping tabs on the conspiracy crowd. It seems important, because even if everything they believe is wrong, it’s a good proxy for the sentiments and attitudes of the mass of regular working Americans toward those who hold political and economic power.


        2. Yes, I’m definitely in bizzaro after life. My kids are in Zoom school and tomorrow the school is closed for snow day.


  2. Speaking of conspiracy theory or fact, I was just watching a video of a doctor in I think Wyoming, originally from Russia, speak about various biological weapons he was involved with or knew about. He became a Christian at some point and regrets his prior activities. He says the vaccine is a biological weapon meant to harm. Among many other things, he pointed out a very rare and severe adverse reaction of one vaccine participant – ADEM – the vaccine caused demyelinization. This theory seems as good as any at this point.

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