COVID Quote of the Day

For children from ages 11 to as young as 5 years old, anxiety and depression complaints in emergency rooms have risen by 24% between April and October, when compared to 2019. For children 12 to 17 years old, the rates of emergency room visits for mental health is up 31%.
“We have to recognize this one truth: We’re going to lose more kids to suicide than COVID,” Dr. Mathieu Bermingham, the medical director of children services of Roxbury and a consultant to the Department of the Mental Health in early childhood mental health, told board members Tuesday

We are ruining parents and killing or seriously damaging kids to make Jeff Bezos even richer. Let’s wake up, lose the fear, and get our lives back.

12 thoughts on “COVID Quote of the Day”

      1. For perspective, from memory, a swine flu vaccine that was rushed to market in around 2009 or so led to an increase in US miscarriages by about 40,000. Similar figures exist for Canada, UK, Australia etc proportionally but they’re not exactly published widely.

        I don’t want to comment too much on the SARSCOV2 virus vaccines, but already in the media we are seeing warnings not to get pregnant within 2 months after the vaccine, and that some people may die from the vaccine, and that some people may experience severe illness (which for the purpose of our discussion means that miscarriage may be precipitated in the case of a pregnant lady being severely sickened/burdened by the vaccine) etc etc.

        I also expect heavy censorship/propaganda and of course denial about all of this by all manner of health authorities, which I think that anyone with a functioning brain can determine by looking at the following link, which is about Bell’s Palsy possibly being brought on by COVID vaccines:


        1. “I don’t want to comment too much on the SARSCOV2 virus vaccines…”

          Lol… you don’t know jack. So stop trying to scare people with breathless warnings like “wait until the miscarriage data comes out after early vaccines.” Decidedly not cool.


          1. GSW, I have noticed that you tend to make nasty comments after practically every post I make, almost as if you are some self appointed antagonist or nay sayer or something.

            I don’t recall ever having bothered you, and would like to know why you are behaving as you are.

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            1. “nasty comments”

              A far better response on your part would have been to cite specific studies on the COVID vaccines (all developed independently, I note) that point to high miscarriage rates as a known side-effect. You can’t do that can you? So no need to whine about being called out for scaremongering.


              1. @ GSW: No, the response that I gave was the correct one. You’ve been following me around acting like I wronged you for a few weeks now, and should say why. Every time I ask you to explain yourself, you either ignore what has been said, or deflect as you just have.

                So. What’s going on.


              2. I say put up or shut up (in my experience, you seem adverse to doing either.) But, nevermind, Clarissa has taken your side – her site, her rules so…


              3. Since they intentionally excluded pregnant women from the vaccine trials, and told them not to get pregnant, and didn’t do any animal studies, we just don’t know the impact on pregnancy, do we? How convenient as well. Plausible deniability.

                Did you know that in the US vaccine makers are immune from liability? And EVERY vaccine information insert lists a series of adverse events that are plausibly caused by the vaccine, another section states that they have no data on mutagenicity or carcinogenicity? Again, because they refuse to look for it.

                It is quite true, that just like with every other vaccine, serious adverse events will be denied by doctors, the media and the government, while individuals are left holding the consequences.

                Another fun fact, we had 500 fewer babies die per week during the period in the Spring when people stopped bringing their infants in for vaccinations. Why does no one care about this?


      2. We had that problem with the Swine flue vaccine. I know someone who lost a baby at ~5 months into the pregnancy within two weeks of getting that immunization (against her better judgement, pressured by her doctor). There’s no reason not to expect it with this one, which was also rushed.


          1. I hope they have enough qualms to steer pregnant ladies away from it, but… with swine flu they were soooo concerned about not admitting anything might be wrong, that they stifled anyone who dared mention that they didn’t have enough data to know yet if it was safe. I don’t see that being any different this time. Having questions about vaccine safety now makes you, by default, a dreaded looney anti-vaxxer, after all. It’s a religion.


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