No School Until Forever

So today Biden told governors that schools aren’t opening until mid-May. Which means until September because there’s no school in summer.

Biden voters, feeling stupid yet? Or still saving liiiiiives?

6 thoughts on “No School Until Forever”

  1. “Biden voters, feeling stupid yet?”

    Biden’s appeal was never about policy, it was about tone… Trump’s personality offended many/most Biden voters far more than his policies.
    Imagine you’re an uber driver – Trump is an annoyingly loud and talking customer who tells you how much better he could be driving than you but who leaves a $20 tip on the back seat as he leaves.
    Biden is a polite, reserved pleasure to drive, and then he asks you to stop and let him out 100 yards before his stop (after calling up and canceling the ride and lodging a complaint about you).
    A lot of Americans (esp though not exclusively Democrats) care more about tone than policy and will put up with a polite and presentable president with truly awful policies than crude SOB who’s actually effective at getting policy that benefits them done… (also see LBJ – one of the most effective post WWII presidents but his general crudeness made the Democratic establishment loathe him).


    1. The obsession with tone is very confusing to me. There’s a very intense investment into form over substance. Is it worth starting a new war or bombing another country?

      I don’t get these people.


      1. It’s what class warfare looks like, no? Trump doesn’t follow the PMC’s rules about public behavior. Therefore he’s Not One of Them. Nothing else matters. No matter how corrupt, perverted, or senile Biden might be, he talks like Nice White College People, so they feel they can count on him to be loyal to their class.

        It’s been a deeply revealing four years, and I will be shocked (pleased! But totally shocked) if it doesn’t end with some version of pitchforks-and-torches or heads-on-pikes, now that it’s completely, totally obvious to the working classes how much our PMC brethren despise us, and that they are in no way willing to play by any kind of rules, if those rules give us any real power or any perceived advantage.

        Probably not this year: normalcy bias is powerful, and most still hope we’ll go back to normal soon. Depends on how long it takes your average tradesman to realize that 2 weeks, or 100 days, or a few months are never.


  2. I wanted to discuss this with a few other parents, do you have a link to a source documenting this? As with everything Biden related it seems the search engines are not as helpful as they once were. Thanks in advance.


  3. Ugh, no. I am a teacher aide/substitute teacher at various districts in our county and I work through an agency. I get offers to teach via Zoom but no way, especially elementary school. I’ve been an aide in classrooms where there were two or three kids and the teacher taught at home via Zoom on the whiteboard, I was there to make sure the kids were on Google Classroom.

    This is not teaching or in any way useful, especially really little kids. They’re just clicking links on Google Classroom and sending in class work, it’s even more galling when they’re in kindergarten. Even worse is that the kids have to be 6 feet apart at all times even though they where masks and have plastic shields around the desks. Little kids can’t sit next to each other and that’s hard because kids like to be all close and they just want to with their friends and classmates

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