Real Babies in Cages

Hey, “babies in cages” crowd! Got something to say about this?

Or is it only fake stories that can be used to promote your political agenda that you notice?

Here’s the full report.

7 thoughts on “Real Babies in Cages”

  1. I wanted to let you know that over the past few days I’ve been reading conservative blogs (and comments) to learn more about fraud allegations and keeping an open mind. I read the affidavits filed in Michigan by observers, the judgment, and the affidavit filed by an election official that the judgment referenced. I will go look up the affidavits filed in other states.

    P.S. You talked about books of the year in a previous post – I hadn’t known until then that you’ve loved Dreamland. I read it this year, followed by Dignity. It was quite a lesson in empathy.


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